Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Weigh in, week I don't know what....

Well, technically, I didn't weigh in today.

Of course, I stepped on the scale.

But since I have been attending WW meetings on Thursdays, that is now my official weigh in day.

That being said, this morning I weighed the same as I did LAST Thursday morning.

It seems I have been in the general vicinity of where I am now, for ages.

I am ready to see another big movement of the scale.

I need to get to moving.....stepping up my game with exercise.

I have been secretly hoping to see a new set of numbers on the scale. Yes. The 130's.

I have been so close for awhile now. Every now and then, and never on an official weigh in day, I have seen 139. However, never consistently, so it doesn't count.

Maybe soon.

Fingers crossed.

Although still not small for a 5'2" person, I haven't seen the 130's in years. Over 7 to be exact and even briefly then.

Maybe soon.....and very soon, it will be a reality again.

This time kicking off it shoes and staying awhile....or at least until the 120's arrive.

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The Next Phase said...

Good job so far! I'm like you, been hovering around the same number for far too long. Started walking 2 days a week but I think I'm going to have to pick up my game. Ugh....I hate exercise!!!