Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I "just threw" this post together.....

Yeah, you might have noticed that things look a little more "put together" around here.

I am sure it didn't take you long to realize that I didn't do it myself. Big shock, huh?

My friend, Misti, who I went to school with and recently found on facebook, took pity upon me and my ugly blog and "threw" this layout together.


As if it weren't a big deal at all.

Just 'threw it' together in a "I was just messin' around sort of way."

Yeah. Who does that?

Well, apparently SHE does and I am SO glad she did.

It is cheery and upbeat and makes me smile when I log on. She really should go into business or something.....

I will keep working on her.

In the meantime, "Thanks" Misti! You are incredibly generous...not to mention, incredibly talented.

Now I need to get back to staring at this new, and unbelievably improved, blog.

1 comment:

Misti said...

You're too funny! And you're very welcome. ;D I'm glad you like it.