Thursday, May 27, 2010

Weigh In

Last week I skipped my weigh in.

I knew that it wasn't good.

I fully expected to continue to pay for it this week, however, when stepping on the scale I was surprised to see that I was down 1.4 lbs today.

I am now officially in the top end of my "healthy weight range". I hope to continue on the plan until I hit somewhere in the middle.

I will never be one of those skinny girls I envy. I am always going to be short and stocky. I will always have a short neck and shorter legs. (OK. Maybe my legs aren't literally shorter than my neck. Close, though.) My arms are always going to be bigger at the top.

I will, however, be smaller.

And healthier.

That is what counts, right?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dog gone it.....


This week has been kind of hectic. It started that way, it will no doubt end that way.

"Why? What happened?" you ask.

Well, let me tell you.

In an effort to get my kids around and to daycare their first weekday of summer vacation, I found myself running around the house randomly shouting things like:




(I don't know where my kids get their sense of drama from....)


The list is truly endless. Mornings are not our most serene and tranquil times.

Once everyone was in the car there were repeated re-entry's to the house to retrieve forgotten items.

It was truly a miracle when I was finally able to start the car and back out of the driveway. was a miracle until I heard the yelping and miserable howling of our dog, Rowdy!

I yelled, "Kids! I think I ran over Rowdy!" as if they were not astute enough at 4 and 7 to be able to figure that out by the painful noise and the sound of thrashing that was coming from underneath my car.

I chose to pull forward-and what I thought was- off of Rowdy. It was at this point there was a LOUD high pitched noise and an actual "BUMP" was felt.

Yes. The car actually "bumped".

I jumped out of the car not knowing what I would find, but figuring it wouldn't be good.

Rowdy was running (which was good) away from me and the car (which was not good). I hollered at him and he actually did turn and come back to me. I petted him and asked him if he was OK.

Surprisingly, he didn't answer.
Shock, I know.

I told him I was sorry and then got in the car and headed towards town. I called my husband and asked him if I should load Rowdy up and take him to the vet. I was afraid that there might be internal injuries and that we wouldn't know about them until it was too late.

He suggested I go on into town and drop the kids off at daycare and then return to the house. At this point he wanted me to call him and recount to him how Rowdy was acting.

I got home and found Rowdy where he had been when I left...laying on the dirt pile. I pulled the car up and stopped and he rose and took a few steps towards me.

Steven said, "He's tough. Go on to work."

About 3:30 p.m. rolled around and I started having misgivings about coming home with the kids to find Rowdy there, dead in the middle of the driveway.
Or worse.

However, in this particular situation I am not sure there would be a "worse".
I called our neighbor, Ruth, and asked if she cared to drive down to the house and see if she could see Rowdy.

She did.

She called and related that he was no where to be seen.

I started to panic.

I called Steven and told him to get home fast. He was needed at home and he was needing to be there before we were........I had a feeling we were going to need his support.

Before I even got off the phone with Steven, Ruth called and said that before they left our house, Rowdy came running...(Yes! Running!) out of the woods and didn't have so much as a limp.

Steven's thoughts? "I told you he was tough."


Since I had posted "You know it isn't going to be a good day when you run over your dog while backing out of your driveway...." on facebook that morning, I knew I needed to post updated pics of Rowdy, proving to all of them that he was, indeed, alive and well.

I got out the camera and headed towards him.

He walked away.

I looked at Steven and said, "I don't think he likes me anymore."

Steven (the obvious Master) said, "Stop, Rowdy. Sit."

Rowdy did.

But not before giving me a dirty look.

I tried to make up and play nice. I apologized for running him over (even if he was laying under the car oblivious to the commotion) and I said that I would never do it again.

Rowdy? Well, Rowdy decided to look the other way and just pretend that I didn't even exist.

I guess, in his defense, if someone ran over me..... I would probably give them the silent treatment for a day or two as well.

Or worse.

And in that situation there would definitely be a "worse".

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


This a.m. B said to me,

"Mama...don't you miss when I was four?"

Me: "B, you STILL are four."

B: "Yeah, but don't you miss it?"


On a different note, I am not weighing in this week. I read somewhere that you can get a "free pass" on the weight check.

I am giving myself a pass.

I don't need a scale to tell me that Mexican Villa (again), chicken Alfredo, chips and dip, and sugar cookies aren't going to give me the weight loss edge.


So, this week, I am opting out. First time ever. I deserve it, right?

Like I deserved this past week of bingeing.

I just wish I could purge myself of the guilt.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Weigh in week I don't know what.

Last night I went to my WW weigh in.

The day before, I got out my progress book and noticed that last week, I HAD NOT gained .2 lbs, I had LOST .2 lbs.

Granted, .2lbs isn't much either way, but I am sure that the teacher thought (correctly) that I was a nut and habitual liar since - when she asked me, pointedly, what I thought about the previous week - I told her that I had gained weight so I was a bad one to ask.

And I hadn't gained weight.

She probably thought I was fishing for sympathy.

Or an excuse to go in a tirade over the "Book-It" program.

As if.

Anyway, this week I weighed in, and closely observed my progress and found that, AGAIN, I had lost only .2 lbs. (21.4 lbs total) At this rate it will take me over a month to lose another pound.

What gives?


My husband has been completely supportive of this whole progress. He has never had - and I think it is safe to say he never will have - a weight issue. He is 5' 11" and approx. 160 lbs of muscle.

No fat.



I know. How did I even end up with him? I mean, come on. He has even told me before that "food is just food".

Who is he? Do I even KNOW this guy?


Anyway, the other night Steven, aka "food is just food" guy, asked me gently,

"Does your program recommend exercise?"

To which I replied,


(Please back me up here.)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Really. I blame the 'Book It' program.

This past week I went to my WW weigh in.

Yep. I was up .2 lbs.

Granted, it wasn't a lot, but I was up.

After talking to my friend, Manda, last week, I determined that the source of all my weight related problems stemmed back to grade school and the 'Book It' program.

You 'heard' me right. 'Book It'.


You see, I love pizza. Always have.

However....... I never got pizza when I was young.

My mom insisted on feeding me meat and potatoes every night.


I was abused.

All I wanted was frozen, as she would say, "junk" food.

To my advantage, the 'Book It' program came along. Coupled with my love of reading.....I had hit solid gold. Me, my family, and my little "book it" pin with star stickers went to Pizza Hut to celebrate my reading accomplishments.

And so, I maintain, that I relate celebrating with pizza. And pizza with joy. And fun. And love.

And, unfortunately, weight gain.

Thanks, Book It. Weight Watchers owes you.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Weighing my odds.....

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about my exciting life I lead.....which included my family challenging me to a race, of sorts, when I was on my way to the WW weigh in.


Last week while on my way to the weigh in, I found myself in the middle of another race.

Once again.

This time it wasn't with the family.

The opponent, however, was just as fierce.

It was neck and neck for awhile.....(and I think that I was the one with the disadvantage there. My neck was definitely shorter.)

But as my opponent veered into a nearby drive, the victory was mine.

He knew he couldn't win.

He was, after all, racing against a truck and I was VERY familiar with the track.

You might say it was "foul play".

Monday, May 03, 2010


Last night, B declared:

"I need to rethink my life."

(He's four.)

I asked him to repeat what he had said.

Sure enough. I had heard right.

I asked him what he meant by this and he said, almost exacerbated,

"Rethink. Like start again."

(He's four.)

I again asked him what he meant by this. Almost like he was put out that he had to explain everything to dear old mom, he said:

"Some things will stay the same........and I will do more."


And, of course, all of this deep thinking was done while he was sitting on the toliet seat.