Monday, February 27, 2006

saying "Thanks"

For the last three weeks I feel like I have been receiving little thoughts/jobs/messages sent down to me from.......where? God? I am not sure. All I know is that about 3 weeks ago I was awakened by this thought. Something was urging me to contact a doctor that was, I think, the one person to be given credit for my husband's survival of his bull riding accident. I felt like after 9 years, I NEEDED to say thank you. NOW!

I drug my feet on this one...I just couldn't imagine what kind of fruit loop he would take me for. I mean, really, who writes a doctor 9 YEARS after they treated someone....and I am not even that someone that was treated.

Today, I just couldn't take it anymore. I felt like I was ignoring some divine hand pushing me in the direction I was meant to go. After consulting with my in house advisors, Joy and Princess, I decided to take the risk of being considered a little off my rocker and write this damn letter. So I forged ahead, wrote the letter, and will be dropping it off in the mail receptacle in approximately 20 minutes.

I imagine tomorrow, while I am at home, I will be able to hear the snickers of office help whispering to me in the wind. Who cares! RIGHT? I mean, what kind of world do we live in that makes us fearful that people will think we are weird because we are being........horror of all horrors.......nice?

Unrelated observation: Today I was online at looking for different prints to possibly put in my house. There was one particular print that was on sale. I didn't particularly like it, but I did notice that it WAS marked down. Get was originally $30.00 and it had been marked down to.......hold on to your seats.......$29.99. Like it or not, for that kind of savings I think I am going to order one anyway.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Update on SFS

Apparently SFS actually can spread to other extremities. Yesterday, upon asking my darling daughter, to hold something for me while I carried her in, she informed me that her hands were...yes, you guessed slippery.

Maybe I should notify her doctor.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Children's Health Alert

As most of you know, I have a toddler. Recently we have encountered a health issue that I want to share. I am doing this not to frighten anyone, but to educate you. I have been assured that this condition will eventually disappear although I am not entirely sure when. It seems that with some it lasts for only a few months, while in others it seems to last through the late teens.

It is called SFS. Short for Slippery Feet Syndrome. It seems to flare up when the child is asked to do something for their selves. For example, when my darling daughter wants some more orange juice, I will reply, "OK, go get me your cup." This is usually met with the response: "I can't. My feet are sooooo slippery." Other examples include when I ask her to pick up her toys. Thankfully, it seems as if each episode is fairly short in duration. I just wanted to educate any parents or caregivers out there who might have been uninformed about SFS.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Simultaneous Spinning

Let me start off by saying that I don't think that I am a self-centered, or self-involved person. However, yesterday my world consisted of a cowboy photo shoot and Chuck E Cheese. The biggest concerns I had were how many calories were in a slice of canadian bacon pizza, where I could get the photographs I had just purchased matted, and if Mr. B was, indeed, finally cutting teeth. Yet when I arrived home later that evening I had a message awaiting me on the phone from a close friend who had just lost an immediate family member. I, of course, called her right away to offer any comfort or assistance that she might need. At times like this a person feels so inept at helping to lessen the pain of others. After getting off the phone, I stopped to think about how at any given moment in our life, others lives are spinning around.

This sounds so obvious when you state it. But, really, THINK about it. Right now, as I am typing this, somebody, someones child, has just died. AND.....someone else was just born. Someone has probably just been diagnosed with cancer, and someone else has been now informed that they are in remission. Children in 3rd world countries are starving at this very moment. Do we need to be jolted back into this cruel reality???? Should we go about life with our eyes closed, savoring every peaceful moment that we are given....???? Or should we awaken ourselves.......and try to change the world and those in it? Isn't it easy just to exist in your own world, where all that we are concerned about is as about as important as who is going to win the next "American Idol".

Friday, February 10, 2006

The sound of silence

Am I psychic or what? I totally predicted the storm in my life that hit about 2:30 yesterday afternoon. Thankfully it seems to have passed without too much wreckage to clean up. Nothing that a little silent treatment won't cure. Now....on to other things.....

My friend, Joy, the ghost whisperer, never fails to keep me on my toes with what I referred to as her undercurrent of activity. I do believe that last night her undercurrent turned into a full blown tsunami. Her predicament is this......She has been on a search for her husband's biological mother....and father. In this search she has found herself locating his mother, but coming up short on how to actually come out and say "My husband is your long lost son." Due to an unfortunate encounter with a possible relative of the birth mother while trying to locate her, there has been an assumed belief that she indeed does know that Joy and her family exists and wishes to have no contact. What they are looking for, however, is not assumptions, but fact. This alone has led Joy to contact this woman by restricted mail. At best, we figured that his mother would receive this letter....maybe Wed or Thursday.....but that leaves a lot riding on the USPS... So as you can imagine, I was blown away when last evening I received a frantic call, from Joy, stating that while wrestling two kids, watching TV and everything else that goes on during a normal evening at home, she heard the phone ringing. Digging for the phone between the couch cushions, she wasn't alarmed when she was too late and the phone diverted the call to voice mail....until she looked at the caller ID. YES! It was his mother! No message left.....

Her voice reached me over the phone with a tinge of hysterics...."what do I do?". I could tell she was outside smoking...(she must be stressed!)....and I, all knowing of course, say...."Call her back." It seemed so obvious to me. She adamantly declined saying...."I am not that way, I only call people back when they leave messages and she didn't leave a message..."

She had come to the conclusion that because of the swift response from this woman, the news could only be bad. "You know, it is like when the jury comes back with a verdict after only 15 minutes of is either really good, or really bad." She had decided that it was really bad. "Call her back".......I keep demanding......everytime being met with a firm "No". We eventually ended the conversation with her stating that if she called this soon after contact, then she would call again.

After some time passed and I really thought about the situation, I became introspective about what I would do if in their shoes. It is often times so easy to say, "I would do (fill in the blank)". But the question is, would I really? Our lives are plagued by so many variables and happen stances. Often times if one tiny variable, or reaction to a variable, was changed, the outcome of not only the present situation, but hundreds more down the line, would be altered. And probably all without our knowledge.

OK, it is getting a little too deep in here for me. (Sorry Becca and Chad, I went a little DS on you) Maybe I should now begin the silent treatment I was speaking of earlier...................

UPDATE......I just spoke with Joy. Last night, she was mistaken, she DID leave a voice mail. She DOES want contact. She had no knowledge of his desire for a relationship prior to their letter. I guess life isn't as complicated as we can make it out to be.....OR maybe it is. Now.......silence.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Today has started out somewhat calm. I hope it isn't the calm before the storm. I just checked with the sitter and my youngest seems to be doing better today. (Thankfully) Aside from my ups and downs with my children and my husband, my life is relatively.......what is the word I am looking for......monotone?

So as usual, when looking for a little spice, I turn to my friends. And one of my friends never lets me down in this department. Although she is also a wife and mother of two, (and a very grounded, intelligent person) she has a very interesting undercurrent of activity mixed in with her day to day grind. Her most recent dilemma involves researching the past resident of her house. This isn't as mundane as it would seem. Apparently he was going through some hard times and decided to take his life. Now, years later, she has questions as to where exactly in her house he ended it all.

This, as well as the show "Most Haunted" on A&E, has prompted me to have recent conversations, and dreams, about ghosts. (this is interesting considering my profession) I seem to be developing a fascination about them and the question of "Are they real?". Maybe I am gullible but some of the stories I am hearing are really sucking me in....... I will see what my boss' view on ghosts are.....THAT should be interesting.