Thursday, February 26, 2009

Facebook Fright

Am I the only one out there who won't ask people on facebook to be "friends" because I think they will ignore my request?

Or am I only afraid because I have ignored other people's requests?

Some of those insecurities from high school just won't let you go..........


Trapped in the confines of the house due to the below freezing weather, I began working my way through the to-do list of chores.

The kids had been entertained the early part of the morning with our sleep-over guest, but discontent was settling in as the day wore on. Miss L went to her room and was playing to the music of Taylor Swift, but Mr. B was having a harder time "finding his groove".

"Can I go play outside in the dirt pile?" he asked.

I explained to him that his little fingers and toes would freeze. It was simply too cold to go outside.

Not being one to give up he asked me again. Just once. Or maybe it was closer twenty times. However, he eventually moved on to other things.

As I was sorting out my laundry to be put away, I noticed Mr. B had brought a book into my bedroom and was intently studying it, while on the floor.

I stopped what I was doing and got down on the floor with him and asked what he was doing. I noticed that it was a dry-erase alphabet book and he was trying to write letters. I took his small hand in mine and guided it over the letters on the page. We made a capital A and a lowercase a. A capital B and a lowercase b. I then encouraged him to try and do it himself.

Although he is an extremely bright child (I am not biased at all), writing is not something that he often attempts to do. I encourage it, but he resists. He isn't used to things not coming easily.

He surprised me and actually took the dry erase marker and attempted to write a lowercase a. I was watching him as I continued to sort and fold. He was very intent.

Suddenly he sat up straight and very angrily declared, "I can't do this! It looks like a 'd'." (referring to his lowercase was backwards)

I walked over a crouched down on the floor with him. I looked him squarely in the face and said, "Mr. B, you are a very special little boy. You are smart and very loved. You can do ANYTHING you want to do."

He looked at me a quietly said, "I wanted to go play outside and YOU said I couldn't."

Kids! I give up.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A little of this and a whole lotta of that.....

This past weekend was a busy one. Friday night we had the big homecoming festivities. Miss L was excited, as was her momma. I just love being involved. Some people become overwhelmed, I just bask in it.

That was until the "Hair Fiasco of 2009" . Da Da Dum!

That was overwhelming. Let me tell you: her hair would not behave!

Normally I would just have taken her somewhere and had it done. That, however, wasn't an option this time. I worked until four and had been advised to get to the school well before six if I wanted a seat. Taking into consideration travel time......a hairdresser was not an option.

I thought I was prepared. In fact, last week I even had a practice session. Everything went relatively well. I thought, "I can do this."

You know what they say about if something SEEMS too good to be true.......

Friday night I grabbed a comb, a curling iron and bobby pins and set my mind to the task at hand.

It was a flop. Nothing worked.

I curled this and flipped that. Tucked this and teased that. TO NO AVAIL!

It was so much of a flop that she ended up going with her hair in a pony tail!


A pony tail!

I took deep breaths, recited some affirmations into the mirror and convinced her (and mostly myself) that all was OK.

And you know what? It was. No one cared what her hair looked like, except me. Once surrounded by her friends, Miss L only cared about having a good time.

And do you know what?

We did!

(Did someone say something about it being "the year of the scarf"?)


After the game Miss L and one of her friends decided they wanted to have a sleep over. At the friends grandma's house. Although I know the grandmother and the family, Miss L has only had a sleep over once somewhere other than my sisters or my parents. And that one other time was at a good friends house less than two miles from ours. Still......there was some anxiety going on.

Totally logical anxiety though. You know anxiety about impending house fires, carbon monoxide poisoning and alien abductions. Logical. Totally.

My father was at homecoming and "overheard" my internal dialogue struggling with this possible sleep over. He is gifted like that. Or maybe he just "overheard" the anxious note in my voice as I stated, "Your friend could stay the night with us, if you wanted." He reprimanded me, telling me that this ISN'T what they wanted to do and reminded me that you have to let her go (and grow).

I know this. I know that I can not protect her from everything and God has constant watch. Regardless of my proximity, "His will be done". I came to terms with this sleepover and said a silent prayer.

As I was coming to terms with this, the girls were weighing their options.

As it turned out, apparently His will was for her friend to stay the night with us and I was able to rest easier for one more night.

(Make up and tiara's. Does it get any girlier than this?)

Mr. B enjoyed playing with the girls. Well, that is, until they tried putting make up on him. Once that happened he let out screams that would wake the living dead. I thought that something very very bad had happened. Maybe even aliens trying to abduct him from our very own home.

Luckily, no aliens, just girls armed with make up. Screaming because of make-up. Does it get any more boyish than that? I don't think so!


Saturday evening we had a family get together. My mother's side came to our house to enjoy Italian food AND each other's company.

Prior to my extended family arriving, my sister and I decided to show off our mad dancing (and singing) skillz to our parents. Folks, let me just say "we are awesome". I mean, I hate to brag and all, but there is just no way around it.

We got back to our roots with the "American Trilogy" from Elvis and we rounded it on out with MIA-"Paper Planes". What can I say? We are diverse.

I think we left my parents wondering what went so wrong with us, so terribly wrong. They tried and all.......

Once people started arriving we turned our attention elsewhere.


Lots of FOOD!

And my sister.....she has turned into quite the cook.

Let me explain. She has maintained that she DOES NOT COOK. And that even though married she WILL NOT COOK.

Did I mention that SHE DOES NOT COOK?

Well, do you know what? Come to find out.....she does!

Exhibit A: Not just any chocolate cake. A chocolate cake made to resemble the Italian flag.


(Exhibit A)

(Exhibit B)

This is my sister's HOMEMADE cheesecake. That is right! Not store bought. Homemade. And we didn't really even follow the directions.

Culinary expertise, I tell you.


So to sum it up, this weekend was filled with food, fun and family. In my books it doesn't get any better than that!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Up-ing her odds

Marlana, Miss L's kindergarten teacher, recently posted a link on her blog to win a CD by a group called Milkshake.

Let me clarify. She isn't giving the CD away, she is wanting to win it to use at Kindergarten graduation. (sob!) Linking her blog to the other enters her in a virtual drawing to win the cd.

Honestly, the only thing I know about this group is that it is geared towards kids. You can learn more by going here. Over at they are doing a give away. By posting this link I have a chance to win this give to Marlana to use for Miss L's graduation. (Again, sob!) Feel free to visit and enter for your own chance to win. Keep it for yourself OR give it to me to give to Marlana. Either way, it is a win/win situation.

Friday, February 20, 2009

We've Got Spirit....

Today is spirit day at Miss L's school, and the kids were encouraged to dress in school colors. There will be high school students painting bear paws on the kids faces (isn't that sweet?), a pep rally and other festivites leading up to the Homecoming game tonight.

And since I have spirit, yes I do..........

It is only right that Miss L would have spirit too!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentine's Day, Birthdays, buggy horses, dog fights and a new mattress (a pictoral view)

So, by request from my many readers (OK, one reader), I am posting pictures. Although TSK only requested a picture of the horse, I will indulge everyone by posting multiple pics.
First up, Valentine's Day. Actually, not Valentine's Day, BUT the oh-so wonderful Valentine party:
Miss L posing with the treats for aforementioned par-tay.

Next up, Grandma's 90th birthday par-tay. This is my Grandma S posing with a cake made for her by a great-granddaughter. Please note the decor. Nothing has changed in my grandma's house since I was born. I love this about her house.

On to a much younger lady. In fact, my husband's new girl.
(Please pay no attention to the yucky mud and dead trees. This time of year is so NOT pretty)

This is Big Sexy. She is big. That is true. In fact, Peanut, Miss L' s pony could almost walk under her. As far as the sexy part goes...... When Steven was talking about her this weekend he recited poetry.

OK, not exactly poetry, but a George Jones song. Something about "long and lean, every young man's dream...."

Let's not forget Daisy.

At this point I was unsure of how bad her injuries were. All I knew is that to touch her was to lose an appendage.

This was after the stitches. She totally milked it for the camera. Two days and antibiotics later, she looks like this:

And last but not least.....the new mattress:

Jumping, throwing pillows and rolling around on the bed. This is how the kids have enjoyed breaking it in. For the record, (and I know you were wondering ;0) this is the only way it has been "broke in" so far.

Since watching MTV cribs I have this feeling that I am now supposed to say, seductively, of course,"This is where the magic happens." Bow chica bow wow.....

Lets just be honest, it generally isn't. To the right, through the bathroom door or on the closet floor is where the magic happens".

Too much information, right? So sorry!

What can I say? When you are parents to a three and five year old, magic happens wherever and whenever it can.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Day, Birthdays, buggy horses, dog fights and a new mattress

That pretty much sums up the last five days for me.

I left work on Thursday and ran to Wal-Mart for some last minute items for Miss L's Valentine's Day party. I was the mother in charge of this party thanks to Miss L's kindergarten teacher. (ahem....Marlana). I warned her that I was traveling through uncharted territory and without direction the kids might just end up playing "spin the bottle".

She gave me some ideas and I "googled" party ideas and I came up with a few.

Or five.
Same difference.

Being the overachiever I am, I decided to let the kids rotate stations and do all five. The preparation was a killer. Not because it was hard, but because I second guess myself continuously. (I hear the resounding gasps! I know folks, it is a shocker!) Needless to say, my sanity and who-knows-how-many-dollars later. I was ready. We were going to enjoy a rotation of cookie decorating, conversation heart stacking, valentine holder stitching, picture frame framing and Hershey kiss counting if it killed us.

When I made it home from my Wal-Mart excursion I was beat. As I was ready to head to bed Steven informed me that Daisy had a mishap with my neighbors dogs. My neighbor is also my uncle and his dogs, THREE dogs, ganged up on my little dog. I went outside, still in high heels to check on her. She refused to leave her dog house, so I sent Steven out to retrieve her. He warned me that she was covered in mud, so I started warming up the water in my bath tub.

After almost being bit multiple times Steven put Daisy in a stork like sling and carried her into the house and gently lowered her into the bath. After using the hand shower to rinse her off, it became apparent that unless I was OK with losing a finger or two, or possibly my arm, I would not, under ANY circumstances, shampoo her.

The next day I took her to the vet, hoping to get good news before I jotted off to the aforementioned Valentine's Day affair. They suggested I leave her until they could look at her better. In fact they said if there were any errands I had to do to feel free to do them. So? What do you do?

That's right. Head to Wal-Mart just in case, you forgot something.

Later the vet informed me that Daisy was sedated and they were stitching her up. She could be picked up in the afternoon. Apparently the other dogs did quite a number on her.


I headed to the Valentine party in time to start getting things ready. With help from the teacher and another parent, the set up went pretty well. That was until I realized that I had forgotten the conversation hearts for the, that's right, conversation heart stacking station.

I called my sister and arranged an emergency heart(s) transfer only to then cancel it when I realized another parents had sent some for treats. I quick went to work and unwrapped them and used them. My sister was quick to remind me that this was a Valentine's party for kindergartners. NOT A SECOND JOB!

Other than that it went so smoothly. It was almost scary how flawless it went.

Oh, yeah, unless you consider the glitter and glue not having time to dry, or the kids not having time to completely lace their hearts, or the fact that the kids were left with (roughly) 13 1/2 minutes to eat AND pass out their valentines.

Smooth and flawless.

I think it is safe to say that Miss L's teacher has probably warned the teachers in the other grades that if they had Miss L to NEVER ask me to assist with anything EVER. Under ANY circumstance.


After all the Valentine celebrating that we did on Friday, I was "done" on Saturday. I gave the kids their Valentines from Steven and I and let them have the day to just play. They loved just staying home as did I.

I knew better than to believe that Steven had any romantic ideas in mind for the evening and really didn't care. I am just as bad as he is.

He had a new love in his life he needed to bond with.

Friday as I was running back and forth to the vet and ruining Miss L's teachers day, he was at a horse auction over two hours away.

Since buying a buggy in the fall, we had been using Steven's old horse. And by old, I mean old. Like 27 years. THAT IS OLD. He had recently retired him, feeling bad for making him work so hard at such an old age.

He began having withdrawal very soon there after. Riding his horse drawn buggy (or wagon or whatever-you-want-to-call-it) has become his new hobby. He loves it. And not having a buggy horse to use was causing him great despair.

Friday, his despair ended. He found one. A new love. They are bonding.

"She needs some work" is all he will say about her except that he "loves her". Her name is Big Sexy. I can't compete with that (and won't try.)


Sunday, however, we spent with family. A lot of family. 35 members to be exact. And that wasn't everyone.

It was my Grandma's birthday. Her 90th.

The small house was packed to the gills and filled with love. I know many members of my family sometimes dread these "get togethers". Not because of being with family, but because the house is small, it is at the very least 85 degrees, with kids running everywhere and very noisy.

But I don't mind it. In fact, I enjoy it. It wouldn't be the same if it were anywhere else.

I know that probably all too soon these times will no longer be. I want to soak them up as long as possible.


And finally (yes, finally) my latest, oh so exciting news, is that I am the new owner of a new mattress.

Yes. This is excitement in my household. BIG EXCITEMENT!

Our mattress was old, flat and rolling us both to the center. Lets face it. There are times you just don't want to be rolled into your husband. Another downfall was that I would wake up many mornings with my lower back hurting.

As my luck would have it I also woke after my first night on my new mattress with my shoulders hurting.

What gives?

A good friend told me that she heard that a "good mattress" will make you sore for a while. Seriously? What is "good" about that? Anyone else ever heard such a thing? Is that one of those made up statistics?

As I am sure you will be on the edge of your seat wondering and waiting if it turns out to be a"good" mattress or an "evil" one....I will let you know as soon as I do.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I have been informed, by multiple sources, that 2012 is when the world as we know it will end.

Something about Nostradamus, the Mayan calendar, yada yada yada....

I have a problem with this. I quite like (my) world as I know it.

Do you think that someone could conjure up a Mayan somewhere (or at the very least a decendant) and have them pick up the calendar where the others left off?

Just a thought.

Monday, February 09, 2009

4th pic

I was tagged by The Sour Kraut. She had been tagged, and now I have been.

The objective was to post your fourth picture from your fourth folder and to write about it.

Since my computer has been down at home I have been relying on computer access at work. At work, the pictures I have are random, uploaded pictures that I have sent to Wal-Mart to be printed and for some reason or other, haven't gotten around to deleting.

That being said I only have a 4th pic. No fourth folder here. I mean, come on, I am using this computer and being paid for it. Taking up all there space might be pushing it.

My fourth picture was taken of Mr. B on January 8, 2008. A tornado sequence that ripped through our portion of the state hit the evening before. One such tornado crossed the back side of our land and passed within 500 feet of our house.

Aside from the creaking of doors, the house seemed to be silent from our stance in the basement.

In fact, not 20 minutes before the tornado hit, we were oblivious to the weather taking place outside our home:

Steven was upstairs watching something on the satellite, while I was downstairs sanding on my dining room table and chairs, which I was in the middle of refinishing, and the kids were running up and down the stairs pretending to travel to Oklahoma City and back.

My neighbor, Ruth, called and asked if they could come and use our basement. It was at that time that I realized things were turning severe. I hung up the phone, went upstairs to tell Steven to put on some pants (I think he was watching TV in his underwear if I remember correctly ;0)and to change Mr. B's diaper. I explained to Steven that Eric and Ruth were coming up and they would be there any minute.

Although, Miss L was extremely excited about the company, Steven couldn't believe that it was actually THAT bad. Exaggerators. That is what he thinks about weather men.

Once Ruth and Eric arrived we headed straight downstairs. We had only been there less than five minutes when the electricity went out and things were creaking upstairs. However, soon there after, it was all clear and we remained in the basement "just for good measure". We got a battery operated radio and turned it on to find out what was going on.

Between the radio and the phone calls that quickly ensued, in became clear that we were very, very lucky.

The phone calls were from neighbors that saw our neighbors barns be demolished, checking in to make sure that we were OK. The radio made it clear that the tornado was indeed close, announcing that one fatality was within five miles of our home.

In fact, this string of storms has its own wikipedia page. You can check it out here.

After spending the night in the basement, our electricity returned around 4 am. Upstairs nothing seemed amiss other than a spring-loaded curtain that had fallen out of place and the hair line absence of paint around our bathroom cabinet that made it obvious that the house had shifted, if only a tiny bit.

Deciding to check the cows, Steven headed off on the Ranger. When he returned a little later he was no longer as convinced that weather men were exaggerators. In fact, he was surprised by the destruction he saw.

We were lucky. So many others were not. Our home was untouched. Our cattle survived. We only lost trees, fences and our camping trailer. I think Miss L and Mr. B lost a feeling of invincibility, as apparent in the following photo.

This is my fourth picture. It is of Mr. B after witnessing our demolished camping trailer. The kids loved it and were devastated by its demise. However, Steven and I knew that we couldn't even begin to feel bad about it considering all that we had been spared.

It took awhile for the kids to get over it. Miss L would draw pictures of the camping trailer with people around it praying. Apparently this was very traumatic for the kids.

In order to take their minds off of it, we traveled to Bass Pro and bought a tent and set it up in the basement. January isn't exactly outdoor camping weather. The kids thought that was almost as good as the camping trailer.

What more could they ask for? All the conveniences of home.....while "camping".

Thankfully it doesn't take a lot to spark the enthusiasm of a 2 and 4 year old.

So.....what is YOUR fourth photo?

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Time to rise and shine!

This morning that time arrived at approximately....3:30 am. I had already spent over an hour tossing and turning in bed.

I was tired of lying there unsuccessfully trying to get to sleep. I made my way into the living room and at 3:30 started watching yesterday's Days of Our Lives and Ellen DeGeneres episodes. Apparently I was either too loud or the TV was too bright, but I was joined by Miss L at 5:15 am.

We quickly became engrossed in a Cricut Expressions infomercial. As girls, we both agreed this could possibly be the most essential thing in our household....if only we had one.

As I was sitting on the recliner, savoring the fact that I was holding my quickly growing girl, I joked about going to Wal-Mart, right then, just the two of us and buying one (at 5:30 in the morning).

Of course, Miss L informed me that I probably shouldn't go spend a bunch of money...."because Daddy wouldn't like it". Geesh! What is that all about? So even at 5 years old and 5 o'clock in the morning we still have to be sensible and responsible?

Steven joined us around six, and Mr. B shortly thereafter.

Needless to say, we had already enjoyed a game of Candyland by 6:30 am.

Steven left for work fairly early and the kids ran outside to enjoy the 60 degree February weather. They were knee deep in mud by 8:00 am. Is THAT sensible and responsible?????

Mr. B seems to think so!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Do you have a kleenex please?

We have had a cold of sorts traveling around our house. First Miss L was struck with fits of sneezing, followed by a goopy nose. Then Steven was complaining a bit. Then, it was passed to Mr. B.

He seems to have held onto it a little longer. And, for good measure, added a cough.

In fact, since Sunday he has referred to himself as having the "bless you's".

I think this fits. Please feel free to take this and run with it. In itself the "bless you's" sound much more appealing than just a plain ole cold.
Bless You!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Tea anyone? (updated 2/5/09)

Ok, that last post wore me out. I need to move on to something way more pressing. What could be more pressing than a land purchase, you ask?

Well, let me tell you. It is the decision of whether to tea stain or not to tea stain. That's right. This is heavy stuff, I tell you.

My cousin, Stacy and I share the same love of decorating. We do and re-do our homes constantly. Trying to find that special something that makes it "just right".

My current dilemma revolves around a purchase of a new center piece for my table, which resulted in a different doily being used. (Yes, doily. I never said I wasn't incredibly country.) Now, I realize that since I have now admitted to doily use, you probably have conjured up images of my dining room being painted country blue, and decorated with ducks and daisies.

This isn't quite the case. Close, but no ducks or daisies. And my wall color is taupe. Bamboo to be exact.

Back to the dilemma. (See how easily I am sidetracked?)

The "new" doily is a tea stained doily. My curtains, DA DA DUM.....are not. Gah! Is this terrible?

It seems a no-brainer, right? Stain the curtains already!

I wish it were that easy. I had the vat of tea ready. I had already immersed other doilys. (Oh. Yes. I. Do.! I have more than one!) When it came time for the curtain countdown, I cracked. I faltered. I waivered. Ultimately, I only stained one lone curtain that I had up in the "back porch". (Did you catch that? "Back porch"....and it is inside my house.....See it? The country just oozing out of me!?)

I have been debating and stewing over whether to go ahead and stain the other four. I am not sure why I am so up in the air about this. I have asked my husband, he is indifferent. I have asked my daughter (5 yrs old), she likes it stained. I have asked my son(3 yrs old), he likes it the way it is now. Did I mention I am desperate for some direction?

These aren't high dollar curtains, folks. Possibly one of a kind, just not high dollar. You see, my mom found this curtain at a garage sale for $5.oo. It was one of those fancy-wancy garage sales in the big city in the big subdivision. We quick went to work and cut it up into five pieces (here is how I got "one of a kind"). Viola! I was in business.

Funny how I didn't care to tear into it with scissors, but I am afraid of a little tea.

So what does a country girl do? Well, this country girl avoids any decision making what-so-ever and difers the decision to the internets. That way, it is your fault and not mine, if the wrong decision is made. See how this works?

Here is an up close picture, in natural light of course:

(stain free on top...tea stained on bottom)

Here is the view, in artificial light:

This view allows you to take in the aforementioned doily on table

And here is the view with both natural and artificial light, (which could be the tie-breaker, right?):

(Please don't base decision on how well they match the tiny hearts hanging down from curtains and light these are only temporary.)

Let the voting begin! I will just be sitting here biting my nails until the verdict is received. (Of course, considering hardly anyone reads this blog....that could be awhile!)

Oh yeah! Stacy has already voted. She says "Stain it already!" Maybe I should go start boiling some tea.....

Thanks for all your help! (It takes a village.......)


As requested, I now have pictures with the curtains in the window.

(Curtains in natural light)

(Curtains in artificial light (with flash))

(Curtains in artificial light, with no flash)

Folks, I am nothing, if not thorough.....and eager to please.

Let me know what you think.........

It just my nature.....

It is. Really.

This is also my dad's account of a lot of people. He is always saying, "It is just their nature." This is his way of reminding me that not all people fit into the one-size fits all mold that I sometimes get tricked into thinking they belong.

I am (by nature) someone who follows the rules. Someone who does what the majority believes I should. Someone who wants to please everyone. When I see someone who is not like me, sometimes I become frustrated.

When I look at my thoughts that I have just now put into words, it all looks a little arrogant. Surprisingly, this isn't at all how I see myself, or how I want others to see me...... I need to work on this.

It is, also, my nature to be a worrier. I come by this trait honestly. I come from a very long line of worriers on both the maternal and paternal side of my family. I am also married to someone who does not worry. It isn't HIS nature.

There are times this is a curse. Others it is a cure.

Right now.... I am not sure which one he is.

My husband has a thirst for land. More specifically a piece of land that joins our current acreage. This piece is essentially land locked and he has always wanted to buy it, should it come up for sale. It did, in November.

I, of course, held up my end of being the worrier (and pessimist) and listed a million (and one) reasons why we (he) shouldn't buy it. Luckily, for me, the price that was shot to Steven was more than he was wiling to give. This caused me to let out a huge sigh of relief.

It was, however, a very short sigh.

The current landowner has now lowered his price significantly and offered it to Steven again. This time, he really wants to bite. Again, I have a million (and two) reasons why he shouldn't. The catcher this time is that there is another landowner interested. We (He) is either going to have to act now, or forever hold his piece.

He just now called and wants my opinion. This, folks, is a trap. Truly, he doesn't want my opinion. And he isn't being mean, he is just being positive. I will list a million (and three) reasons why we shouldn't do this....some real, some imagined. It is just my nature. I like security and consistency...... Two things I feel like this isn't. I mean, come on, we are in the middle of a recession, right? There are so many unknowns. Being the positive one, he believes we will make it work. Being the hard worker he is, he knows we will make it work.

So, as part of my "working on positivity" workshop, I held my tongue. I said what every man wants to hear.

"Whatever you want......" "I trust you will make the right decision. Just let me know what it is."

Aren't I a good wife? (Who, by the way, is now having chest pains........) I just need to have faith, right? In him and in God.

Oh! Isn't giving up control hard?

Monday, February 02, 2009

Ok...maybe I complained just a bit.

But I couldn't help it. Really I couldn't. My spirits had just been dampened.

You see, I work three days a week. I desperately want to be a part of my kids life. I realize the moments are fleeting and I want to be there, live and in person, each and every moment. Of course this isn't possible. But working three days allows me a healthy balance. Everyday I am home, I try to take Miss L to school and Mr B and I hang out with each other until time to go and get her again. Each time school is out for a holiday or vacation day, I try and change my schedule to allow me to be home with her.

However, last week a snow/sleet "storm" arrived in our area. I was off on Monday and the snow arrived Monday night.

Tuesday, Miss L was out of school. I had to work.

Wednesday, Miss L was out of school. I had to work.

Thursday, Miss L was out of school. I had to work.

Are you seeing a pattern here? I was so discouraged. My three days of work were lining up to be the three days my daughter was out of school. I was pouting. A lot. Instead of seeing the "up" side, which was that my husband was able to spend three days at home with our kids, I could only see that I was missing out on the fun.

What could I do? I tried to be optimistic. I tried to cram in some "fun mommy" time when I arrived home from work. But in the end I just found myself praying that they would cancel school on Friday so mommy could FINALLY have snow much fun with the kids. (Oh, aren't I witty?)

Do you know what? I think that God was tired of my whining, too. And do you know what else? I was sure glad that he was.

On Friday we made a snowman.......

....the kids showed me the "cool" sled that their daddy had made...... (side note: I did not participate in sledding on this way cool contraption)

I did, however, participate in sledding. And I took pictures too! Can you say, "multi-tasker"?

Building the snowman was fun, as was the sledding. But the most fun by far was spending time with my husband and kids. That was unparalleled.

Just a final thought: I sincerely hope that this post doesn't create a frenzy of people rushing to their local MFA to find my lovely green coveralls (and boots....and vigortone stocking hat). People, please keep your senses about you and give them time to restock. Thanks.