Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Weigh In Week 9

Well, I weighed in today and guess what?

No weight lost.

I am not complaining, I am just glad I didn't gain. I seriously lost my mind this past weekend with the concert and Easter and all. Sunday night I even woke up and threw up. I think my stomach was rejecting all the food I had put in it.

So, now, I am back on track. I would like to say the pics were great, but I realized that a person can lose weight, and lose weight, and it still doesn't change the shape of their nose, or their squinty eyes and unmanageable hair.

Go figure.

From now on I will stick to picture taken from above and low lighting. It seems to be my only hope.


Misti said...

Sometimes staying the same can be the best, right? LOL I know that when I weigh this week, if I stay the same, I'll be happy as a clam. As bad as I'd been the week+ before yesterday, there's no telling. Way to go!

Marlana said...

I'm revoking your blog license to criticize yourself. No more!!! You see yourself through such harsh eyes. I would like to think that no one is as judgmental about your looks as you are. You are beautiful inside and out! Will you still be my friend? ;)