Friday, May 23, 2008

not much to share

I admire the people who can blog regularly and still have witty, humorous, or thoughtful, insightful things to say.

I am not one of them.

My life, although busy, has not provided me with much to share.

Miss L turned five last month and had the most awesome birthday cake ever. Seriously. A wonderful friend of ours, Linda, caters and makes cake for a living. Miss L wanted a castle cake for her party. I saw a castle cake pan online and was going to order it. Linda told me she thought she needed a different one. This is the cake she she thought she needed.

Linda is a blessing to our family. She and her husband have been a sort of "adoptive grandparents" to our children and have been wonderful friends to my hubby and I. (And not just because she makes wonderfully delicious cakes....and fried chicken)


Miss L went to her kindergarten screening. I had been working with her on her letters and although she knew most, there were a handful that she didn't know. Being the overachieveing perfectionist that I am, this worried me. "What if everyone else knows all their letters, what if she is one of "those" kids that are disinterested in school and learning" ......I could almost envision the long 13 years ahead of me. What can I say? I realize I am obsessive. So what.

Apparently she is on track. (Like I was actually worried...)She scored 99/100. I was proud. Apparently instead of learning her letters I should have focused on the two items she did miss: Identifying her hips and jaw. Who would have thought it?

However, I shouldn't have been surprised. A little over a month ago, while putting her in her car seat I bumped her into the side of the truck. "Ow!" she exclaimed. "You hurt my arm ankle." When I asked her what in the world she was talking about, she said, "You know, my arm ankle," and pointed to her wrist.

Another discovery that I made was that although my daughter is not interested in learning her letters, my two year old son is. On the way to my parent's house on Mother's Day Mr. B said "we are on W" from the back seat. My husband and I looked at each other and said "what?" knowing full well that we were indeed on W hwy, but wondering how in the world he knew that.

"We are on W" he said again. We rode on, wondering what was taking place in this two year old mind that we were unaware of. Miss L had rode home from church with my mom and it is a rare occasion that Mr. B is alone with both his daddy and I, carrying on big boy conversations and such. As we approaced another road sign he said "W" and "Y". That was indeed the letters on the sign. As soon as we reached mom's house I wrote the alphabet out on a sheet of paper and randomly pointed to the letters. He knew all but two, confusing I and T. I had no idea. I mean, he can't even sing the alphabet song correctly, I would have never dreamed that he could identify the letters.

The problem is, now when I work with Miss L on the letters she doesn't know, her two year old brother is shouting them out from behind her.

My sister is getting married on June 14th. I have tried unsuccessfully for six months to lose weight for the occasion. I will turn 32 the very next day. I almost made it 32 years without wearing a strapless dress (or shirt for that matter). I hate my upper arms. Always have. Even when I was a size 5, I hated them. Now I get to show them to 400 guests in all their "not size 5" glory. I guess I will make Sarah look that much better.

Now I need to go and eat some more chicken n' dumplins.....

Friday, February 08, 2008

Quiet Reflection

I received this picture today in an email from my mom. It is Mr. B and my grandfather, his great-grandfather, who will be 89 in April. I wanted to write something thoughtful and deserving of this pic. However, nothing spoke as loud as the picture itself.

Friday, February 01, 2008

I'm here for the party....

After promising Miss L that she could have some go-gurt yogurt after finishing her supper she headed towards the fridge.

She sat at the table eating with Mr. B and her daddy, while I started putting up the supper dishes.

I could hear her say....

"This is DELICIOUS!"......"I think there is a party going on in my stomach..."

Steven, now intrigued by this exhuberance, asked, "How do you know?"

Miss L, not missing a beat, replied, "I can feel them moving stuff and putting up decorations.....(long pause) .....and I think I hear music."

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Maybe I need a parenting class......

Today I am feeling like a terrible parent. Last night Miss L was with me scrapbooking in the basement when she told me that she wanted me to eat a picnic upstairs with her..."and unplug the phone".

"Unplug the phone...?"


"Because you are always on the phone."

"I am?"

"Yes, and I miss you."

This hit me like a sucker punch to the stomach.

I never realized that she felt deprived. In fact, I never realized that so many people called as such in-opportune times.... or that I was even on the phone THAT much.

However, I guess she is right and I need to, at the very least, not answer the phone during these times.

I assured her that she and her brother were the most important people in my life. That if I was neglecting her, I most definitely didn't mean to.

The worst part is that I thought I was doing a decent job. I try to play some every day. Whether it be tractors in the floor, play-doh, baking cookies, etc... But what I think is unimportant. Our children are the best gauge of our effectiveness. Apparently I am not being very effective.

Live and Learn.