Friday, April 09, 2010

The times.....they are a changin'.

So with the apparent arrival of Spring (finally), came the yearly task of going through L's closet.

It is a daunting task to say the least because, well...frankly, her closet scares me. (Maybe because it looks A LOT like mine.)

There are pants falling off shelves, shirts stuck into corners, shoes covering the entire floor, and then there are the poor items of clothing that are precariously hanging onto one side of the hanger just clinging to the hope that they will be righted before the next nudge propells it into the bottomless pit of her closet floor.

Oh. I kid.

It really isn't bottomless.... we do find it generally at least once a year.

Anyway, there were moments that I was actually nostalgic and saddened during this process.

It is during the sorting of the clothes that I can no longer bury my head in the sand and refuse to see that my girl....she is growing up. It is during this chore of taking the winter clothes out of the closet and replacing them with her summer clothes that I am finding that:

Clothes don't fit.

Styles have changed.

Shoes are too small.

And, unfortunately the ache in my chest isn't.

Still, I forged on and we made it almost a game of sorts.

Do you like this? Does this fit? Try it on. No? Throw it into this pile. Yes? Find me a hanger. Will you wear this? This has got to go....

You get the picture.

It is during times like these, when L and I work together, that I can see the adult version of her emerge.

And honestly, if it wasn't so would be sad.

I spotted an outfit that L had last year. I distinctly remember her only agreeing to wear it to church....and even then she wasn't happy about it.

I pulled it out and held it up.

I looked at her and while nodding said, "This has got to go, huh?".

L looked at me, mouth agape and said, "Ooohhhhhhh! Isn't that adorable! Just adorable! I love it. We have to keep it!"

Amused....I dug a little further into the pile and pulled out, yet another, outfit that she had scoffed at several times last year. "What about this one?......Garage sale?"

Again, eyes wide, "Prrrrrreeeecccccccciiioous! I love it! Too cute!"

Although I was struggling to retain my composure with all the over-the-top drama going on, I nodded and meekly asked,

"Didn't you hate this outfit last year? I remember having to beg you to wear it."

She looked at me, nodding (like you would over coffee), and said, "That was last year. I am a different person now."

Ahem. Yes. Well. I guess she IS almost 7.


Misti said...

Love this! They grow up so fast, don't they?

Manda said...

she is not 17...she is her FATHER. only those genes would come up with a response like that! LOL~!

Marlana said...

Miss L is just growing up too fast! You're raising a little lady now, ya know. :) Fashion opinions and all.

Marlana said...
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