Thursday, January 27, 2011

The temp that won't quit

It has been six days since L starting running a temperature....and she still has one.

When it isn't a snow day, it's an illness.

I had put so much energy into wanting things to "return to normal" and for everyone to get back on their schedules.

(Don't read this as me not wanting my kids home....that isn't the case. In fact there is nothing I love more. However, I am also a rule follower and like everything to go as planned.)


I think that God is trying to teach me a lesson.

Probably not for the first time in my life. I am hard-headed. (At least that is what Steven says.) This isn't news to God. He made me this way.

As much as I like to be everything to everyone, do everything everybody thinks I should, and plan everything out-I can't always do it.

God knows the plan. I do not.

I think it's time I get used to it.

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