Friday, January 21, 2011

At the tone, please record your message

Steven isn't into technology.

At all.

He believes that everything that is wrong with the world today could be summed up in two words: video games.

He doesn't text.

He doesn't surf the web.

He barely watches TV.

Now, please know that while I love him to pieces, his resentment towards technology wears on me.

I don't care if he doesn't want to text/type....but give me a little leeway and leave me be as I surf, shop, post, read and comment.

But for Steven, this all seems

I think he realizes that there is no going back and that the computer is here to stay, however, he would prefer to 'go back' and far, far away from these times.

(I mean, you all remember he has a horse and buggy, right?)

I usually try to humor him and leave him with his opinions. I try to not be on the computer when we are all together at night.....except for those times when Steven and the kids seem so wrapped up in Dukes of Hazzard that they certainly wouldn't mind me checking out what is going down on facebook.

However, the moment I log on they lose all interest in Boss Hogg's antics and swivel their heads to look at me and accusingly say, "Momma!", at which time, I step away from the laptop and feign interest in the "cool" and totally real (insert fist pump) jumps that the General Lee always makes.


Last night after the kids had went to sleep, Steven was in the living room "watching" American Idol with me.

(He could care less about American Idol. He, apparently, was humoring me.)

As we were watching I had a ongoing thread with a friend on facebook. I would watch the tv, see the little red box indicating I had a comment pop up, turn to the computer to see what it was, watch the tv, and repeat.

During this I also had a friend that was texting me.

While I am sure this is daily life for most of you, in my house, with an audience of one, I became a spectacle.

Steven left his place in the recliner and came and joined me, on the couch, positioned between me and the computer.

Moments after his transition he began fidgeting. He would pick up my cell phone, flip it open, shut it back, look at the computer and then back at the TV.

Repeat. And now repeat again.

I know that he was poking fun of least how he views me, and admittedly, it was funny.

While we reclined on the couch together watching the tv and sharing laughs, Steven would randomly, and suddenly, bolt upright and move the cursor to eliminate that pesky screen saver so 'he' could still see what was "going on".

Despite the fact that he was acting the way he felt I acted, I couldn't be mad. It was TOO funny. We would get so tickled and it felt so good, to laugh together...with, and at, each other. As we sat there laughing, Steven said, "Way back, you know, before facebook did people call up their 'friends' and leave random messages on their answering machines similar to their posts?......"

I know he was pointing out the obvious absurdity.....but we died laughing as I read aloud some of my friends' statuses, imagining them as answering machine messages:

"Blue coconut slush. I think so!"

"Hanna loves old school lunch hour!"

"I think I might have a problem."

"A balanced diet is a cookie in both hands."

"TGIF...that is all I can say today!"

"Ain't no party like a Scranton party!"

"interesting Sonic trip. :)"

"...some birds feathers are too bright to be caged...I know I am not that colorful but a bird just the same..."

"...... starting to think this headache will never go away...."

"Do you love me? Bring me booze..."


I am glad I had the computer out, and on, last night. Otherwise, we would have missed out on laughter that lasted well into the evening and long after the computer had been (finally) turned off.

(Steven and I. Picture taken by our kids in November on our 10th wedding anniversary.)


Manda said...

this is so hilarious. at least there is one in your house to balance you out..travis and i BOTH are connected to our machines at night;) and my daughter was right..aint no party like a scranton party. i think i may leave that on your machine tonight.....

Amy Wissbaum said...

Very pretty pic of you two.