Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sunny, beautiful and 25 degrees

Apparently that doesn't stop L from wanting to ride her horse, Weston, that Santa brought her for Christmas. In fact, L thinks that snowy and 25 degrees is perfect weather to ride a horse.

The horse, I believe, felt differently. She said her horse, Weston, "wasn't wanting to listen to her" and was "acting goofy". I guess she now knows how I feel.......L and her horse have a lot in common.

B, however, had already had his fill of the cold and snow. He came inside to warm up and ended up making a snack for his daddy to eat. Although, I am pretty sure that he might stay warmer if he didn't deliver said snack to his daddy outside wearing only a sweatshirt and underwear. Granted, he didn't leave the "comfort" of the front porch, but it, too, was covered in snow.

No, I don't have video of that.

It is a shame, really.

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Manda said...

can i ride that horse next time im at your house;)? L may have to help me..LOL