Thursday, January 13, 2011

Leavin' on a Midnight Train to Georgia

Today was the third snow day this week.

The kids were still excited to be home from school. I, too, was glad they were home, although I was beginning to have my doubts about how much longer they would go before the first (major) breakdown.

They had, after all, only seen my face, or Steven's, for the last three days.

I had decided last night that today we would do something different....although I didn't know what it would be.

A message from our neighbor seemed to answer my prayer. She, too, was finding that her kids were in need of a change of pace.

The kids played all day. Ruth and I ate, discussed Ted Williams, demonstrated our lack luster Wii skills (none of which actually required us to move off the couch into a standing position), ate, watched the kids ride the go kart, and ate.

Personally, I would call the day a success.


After they left L and B continued working on a train track that they had been building earlier, with some help from dear ole', obsessive, compulsive, mom.

I think this is the closest we have ever gotten to using ALL of the pieces. I had to stop myself from trying to re-work it to find the best possible configuration and let the kids just have fun.

I know. I missed my calling.

In case you were wondering, it-my calling - was in 'train track configuration'....not photography.
(Yes, I am still using L's camera.)

(No, my battery isn't still dead.)

(Yes, I was too lazy to go get my camera.)


As you can tell, the Dukes were on hand and ready to jump the train if the need arose.

The call came around 5 o'clock letting us know that there would, indeed, be school tomorrow. Shortly thereafter B went into a frenzy about how terrible his life was and how it was the worst day EVER because tomorrow he was sure he would have to do worksheets.

I can hardly wait to try and drag him out of bed in the morning.

I am sure by the time I get him out of bed and out the door to school, I will be left feeling like the one that has been ran over by a train.


Manda said...

your living room looks like my driveway when the boys play. they love those geotrax;) good luck in the morning. i guess i wont have to pull my kids out of bed until tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!! i may loose it...

Amanda said...

Ryder was so mad that they had school today. He wouldn't even look at Chris this morning. HA