Tuesday, January 11, 2011

No business like snow business....

Today, 1/1/11, the kids were out of school. It was their first snow day of 2011. Of course, we are only 11 days into the year, but still.....there was much fun to be had.

The kids started in around 8:30 this morning begging to go outside. The temperature stayed in the teens but that didn't deter them from making a case for their primary goal: building a snowman.
I told them that later in the afternoon, 2 o'clock to be exact, we would go outside.

That is when the countdown began. I received updates every hour or so, reminding me of their remaining time.

The fact that they didn't argue with me leads me to believe that they thought that I had some superior knowledge of some indisputable fact that made 2 o'clock the magical time when conditions were most favorable for being outdoors.

As I reflect on that, I guess I did. Conditions were favorable when I had spent ample time on the couch, watched Ellen and Days of our Lives, and of course, had waited 30 minutes after eating.

What?! The eating rule only applies to swimming?

Please don't tell the kids.


As 2 o'clock drew near, Steven arrived home and announced that this snow would be as capable of forming a snowman as sand would be.

In a word: NOT.

As 2 o'clock drew near, I started second guessing my decision to let the kids go outside. I mean, it was COLD! And, honestly, I had NO desire to go outside.

I told L that most parents were keeping their kids inside because of the brutal cold. (I have no evidence of that, it was just a good guess....and a feeble attempt.)

It was then that she told me, "Yeah, but you're not a protective parent."

Yep. That's what she said.

I asked her, "I'm not protective?"

She said, "you know how some parents don't let their kids do anything? (of course this was said while she used over exaggerative hand motions and facial expressions) Well, you're not one of those parents."

Many more examples were given as to how I am different- but "better" (her words)- than "protective parents".

I laughed. -- It might have been nervous laughter.

Although I am pretty sure that she meant that I wasn't "over-protective", one can never be sure.

Since I had lost the "protective parent award", I threw caution to the wind and the kids and I, and Steven, headed outside.

We almost made it an hour.

After taking the first picture my camera battery died and I had to go search for L's camera.

(It IS a sad state of things when the best camera you have belongs to your 7 year old.)

The kids decided that they wanted to slide down a hill behind our house first.

Daisy didn't want to miss out on the fun.

Neither did Rowdy.

I am pretty sure that, if nothing else, I succeeded at "protecting" L's forehead.

After the kids became tired of walking back up the hill each time they decided that it was time to hook the sleds (...and I use the term -'sleds' -loosely) to the Polaris Ranger.

And, lastly, I would like to have photographic evidence of all the protective layers.
Protective, I tell you.

(Shortly after this picture was taken I had the L grab a chainsaw and cut us some wood.)
(In the pasture with the bull.)
(While B split it with an axe.)
Totally. Kidding.
They were supervised; I watched from the heated cab of the truck.

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Amy said...

That sounded like soooooo much fun! I was with L yesterday, I just wanted to get outdoors and make a snowman as well but Steven was right this was not a wet snow and would not have worked well. I think it's funny that L doesn't think you are a "protective mom". Kids... they say some funny stuff.