Friday, June 19, 2009

Questions and mostly answers

I thought I would go ahead and answer some questions that have been left in the comment section of my blog.

1.) Although SEVERAL months late, TSK, the reason Steven wants more land (and later bought some) is because he envisions a day when he owns everything in a 100 mile radius.

OK, maybe THAT was an exaggeration, however, he would like that. For now, we will have to settle with 180 acres. And, as my dad says, land is something that they are "never going to make any more" of.

Some guys like flashy toys: trucks, cars, boats, you name it. My husband, on the other hand, prefers land and driving a 1995 farm truck with hit and miss air-conditioning and peeling paint.

Go figure.

2.) Bob, it was nice to "meet" you- I appreciate you popping in and vocalizing your concern for my feet. Although treatment for athlete's foot has helped considerably, oddly enough, the itching wasn't located between my toes. However, I do have this shoulder problem I was wanting to talk to you about......

3.) Jeff Becky "Anonymous" - You requested a picture of my feet. Here goes:

For the life of me, I can't really remember where I was when this picture was taken. I am guessing the bathroom at a Waffle House while I was waiting for Kid Rock.

Not that I was waiting for Kid in the bathroom....just at Waffle House.


(I still can't believe he hasn't contacted me. Maybe he didn't get this letter...or this one. I mean, Sheryl Crow? Really? I can totally sing "Picture" better than she can....)

4.) Jeff Becky "Anonymous" - Yes, you are correct, children pick up most of their behaviors at home. Although, Miss L didn't pick up "Ah, hell" from me (thank you, Aunt Sissy), I have passed on other endearing traits to, one, if not both, of my children. These include, but aren't limited to: incredible singing voices, ingenuity, fair skin, the ability to trashy dance to Flo Rida's "Low" and the apparent love of nudity - (UPS man, you are welcome).

Any others?


The Next Phase said...

Since you say I never comment, I am commenting.

That is NOT a picture of your feet, those are my feet....that's why you can't remember the picture being taken. :)

The Next Phase said...

Almost forgot! I think Kid is definitely missing out!! He could have the two of us instead of Sheryl. He obviously likes Missouri girls and we are the "real deal" Missouri chicks. We are WAY better than Sheryl.