Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Please leave a message after the tone....

Today, while at work, I answered the phone.

This is not uncommon.

After I finished saying the funeral home name there was silence on the other end.

So this time I offered a "Hello?"

Caller: "Oh, this is a live person. I thought you were a computer."

Unfortunately, this isn't uncommon either.


Although I hate to admit it, this happens to me frequently. People are actually shocked when I say "Hello" and then proceed to have a conversation with them.

If I have heard, "Is this a live person?" once, I have heard it a million times.

My thought is this: I can not imagine WHAT company would hire me to be their computer generated greeting.

I have heard my recorded voice. I think it sounds very similiar to fingernails on a chalkboard or at the very least, a voice like Janices' on Friends....without the bronx accent. In fact, once after hearing myself on a home video, I decided that I would not speak when it wasn't necessary ever ever again. Ever.

Yeah, that obviously didn't last.

Maybe next time, I can just pretend to be a computer.


Marlana said...

You are so funny! You're voice is nothing like Janice's, seriously. Obviously you didn't stick with the whole not talking thing, but the world is a better place because of it. :)

Kim said...

OK. Maybe NOT like Janice's, but maybe more like the fingernails on a chalkboard....

Mama Goose said...

Ha! You're funny. I actually AM the recorded voice at my company, so people are kind of freaked out a bit when they actually talk to me. Somehow I'm a bit of a celebrity because of it. Go figure.