Monday, June 15, 2009

You wanna see how crazy I am?

I wrote Friday about my less than stellar math skillz.

And since then I have purchased even more spray paint.

I am so smart it scares me.

That being said, I have matching deck furniture and folks, you can't put a price tag on that.


You can?

Why didn't somebody tell me that sooner?

You mean, I could have marched down to Wal-Mart and actually bought matching pieces without spending $5000.00 on spray paint?

Oh I kid. Not about Wal-Marks (as Steven jokingly calls it), but about spending $5000.00. It was actually more like $4995.99.

Anyway, I didn't take before pictures because, to be honest, who would want to see a Adirondack chair with white peeling paint that had obviously seen better days.

Yeah, me either.

That is not to imply that anyone really wants to see these "New and Improved" pictures, but you see, after painting for two days and roughly 200 hours, you don't get a choice. That is unless you decide to close this screen right now and not look ahead, but I am pretending that you don't have that option.

Here is the aforementioned Adirondack chair:
Please do not look too closely because you will notice the inconsistencies in the paint color. Also, the painted brown spiderwebs.
I told you I wasn't into prep work.

A little further on down is the love seat, coffee table and two chairs that were the gifts courtesy of Mom and Dad, and Sarah and Jason.

The red umbrella was my $15.00 "garage sale" find.

The table and chairs, of course, would be the high quality furniture that I referred in my last post.

Below - The glider at the far left belonged to my parents and I remember them getting it when we lived in "the yellow house". We moved from that house when I was 10, and although we have established that math is not my strong point, I believe that makes this piece of "furniture" over (ahem) 23 years old. The fire pit in front of it was also a gift from my parents for Christmas and THANK GOD, it was already a color that matched!

Now, although I am very pleased with the outcome, we have encountered an obstacle.

You see, this furniture calls to me. It wants me to use it, entertain, relax and enjoy it. But something....or rather some things..well something doesn't want me to do those things.


And let me tell you, I have done EVERYTHING I know of to "redirect" them. You want proof? Here goes:

Now the arsenal that I have called upon consists of citronella candles, tiki torches, off lanterns, a fan and aerosol fogger.

After about an hour....right around dusk, I could see the mosquito's swarming. Terrible!

Now I know that God made everything for a reason, and everything has a purpose, but for the life of me I don't know why I have to have such an abundance of mosquito's.


Any ideas for erradication?

Maybe I need to get a pet bat (or twenty).

However, with my luck, bats would probably cost me an arm and a leg and considering I have all but spent my life savings on spray paint......I wouldn't be able to afford them anyway.


~*Michelle*~ said...

Bravo Bravo! I love the colors you chose, so much. WOW~!

You did a great super crafty and the thriftiness of it all is bonus.

Now that looks like a paradise!

Martha said...

I love the patio furniture, new and refurbished. Now about your you have any standing water around your house that doesn't circulate? If so it could be harboring millions and billions of little tiny mesquito babies just waiting to swarm your deck. just a thought. :-)

Marlana said...

Looks great, Kim! You did a wonderful job! Now I'm ready for a cookout at your house. It looks too inviting not to get to enjoy it with you! I still haven't found a stand or a table for my umbrella. Audrey and I are bug magnets, too. If you find a good solution, please share it with us.

Amy said...

Now this takes your neurosis to a whole new level.