Monday, June 22, 2009

Another year of (good) memories....

Yesterday Mr. B turned four.

My how time flies.......

I think back to myself four years ago today. New little boy in my arms....silver colored name for him.

I remember looking over to his 2 year old sister, my little girl, sitting there on my mom's lap. An aunt came into the room and asked Miss L "who that was that I was holding?". I am sure she expected her response to be something along the lines of "my new baby brother", but instead she simply pointed and said, "that's mommys' new baby."

At that moment I remember wanting to scoop up Miss L, my twenty-six month old baby, and reassure her that she was my baby as well, and would always be.

She loved her brother, there is no doubt. She hugged, coddled and mothered him. Once, she even tried to change his (poopy) diaper.

As you can imagine, THAT was a disaster.

I seemed to adapt pretty well to two children and was much more relaxed the second time around. Breastfeeding was easier, I wasn't worried when he slept "too much", and the relaxed feel seemed to seep into the home and into our lives.

I think that God purposefully let me feel secure with this new life before he dropped the bomb on me.

You see, this was my second child. I knew what I was doing.

(Insert here something about "Same song second verse....")

I am sure God was laughing. You see I had two children, but I ONLY had one boy.

Come to find out.....boys are different than girls.

Imagine that!

One of the first inclinations that something was different - very different- was when Mr. B, at the ripe old age of (about) five months, propelled himself out of the (small, floor level) swing, onto the floor and rolled across the floor. I remembering entering the room and thinking "something is different"....and seeing Mr. B there on his belly looking up at me, smiling.

Happy? Yes. Content? No.

He needed action and he needed things a certain way.....his way.

This is the first time I realized that you could be happy, but not content. The two weren't mutually exclusive.

But boys....will be boys.

He is happy but he can also be rowdy, and loud, and into everything!

He is a dirt, tractor, monster truck and car lover. He loves to discover new things and as well as their purpose. He wants to know why things work the way they do.....and loves to learn the mechanics of almost anything.

He loves to play guns and trains.

He wants to be a farmer when he grows up.

He will play rough all day, come in smelling like a dirty dog..................and then curl up on my lap and say, "I love you momma, so much!"

He will squirm and run away when his sister picks up a frog....or a turtle.

He was the one to cry when a kitty passed away.

He likes to pick me flowers and he tells me he loves me at least ten to twenty times a day.


He is such a mixture of husband's and mine.

He reveals new things about himself everyday and I am so thankful that I am able to sit back and learn from him....and about all the mysterious ways of boys.

Yeah, I am thankful for that. But mostly I am thankful for the fact that I can enjoy him and his soft, smelly, dirty skin curling up on my lap for a little while longer and hearing the little voice whispering words of love in my ear.

I love you, B. Do momma a favor and don't grow up too fast!


Mama Goose said...

Oh so sweet! Happy Birthday to you both.

ExamBo said...

Kim, you make me almost cry every time you write something about your kids. It is always so touching. They are such good kids and you guys really have a special bond. I hope to have that some day.