Friday, June 05, 2009

What the H E double hockey sticks......?

This morning we were getting ready to head into town to my sisters house, to prepare for the garage sale we were having.

I was hurrying the kids into the garage and then into the truck, reminding them to help each other out and to please hurry...

Miss L had her hands full with two Taylor Swift CD's that we were bringing to town to share with a friend. As she was climbing in she dropped the CD's and busted the cover open.

"Ah, hell." she said calmly as she reached down and started to pick up the pieces.

I waited for a while as I processed this and then asked, trying to keep from smiling and my tone neutral, "what did you say?"

What? When? Obviously not knowing what I was referring to.

"When you dropped your CD's. What did you say?"

mmmmm....I don't know, ahhh hell?

"That is what I thought you said. Please don't say that, it doesn't sound good."

Genuinely surprised she was like....OK.

I was wondering where she picked it up. Not that I don't sometimes let a word slip or two, but that combination isn't something that I ever remember saying.

When I asked she didn't know.

I arrived at my sister's house and was outside with my mom and brother-in-law. When I recounted the story to them they both agreed that this sounds like some "wisdom" that my dad has kindly passed on.

That being said, I am surprised we made to the ripe old age of six before the gift of language that he, and yes I am TOTALLY passing the blame on to him, has so lovingly bestowed on her was shared with others.


I just looked up from the computer to see that obviously my son hasn't figured out that we are in town - NOT AT HOME...he is at this moment standing at the edge of the road for the fourth time today with his pants down peeing. Great!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you did not tell me this.

~Sharn Jean

Anonymous said...

I hear that most children learn their bad habits at home...
I'm just saying...