Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Our meal time prayer.....by Miss L

Dear Jesus God,
Please be safe. Be with the people in the airplanes and be with their fambilies. Keep them safe. Jesus God, be with the dogs and the cows and Daisy and Rowdy and mommy and Mr. B and daddy and our fambily. Don't let daddy work too hard. Please be with that girl and don't let her fambily cry and be sad. AMEN!

Interpretation that everyone BUT God probably needs:

I am not sure where the "Jesus God" came from, but when she prays they are ALWAYS said together....never separate. I don't know if she thinks it is a first and last name.....

I thinks she means to keep everyone safe????? Not sure.... Either way, "Please be safe".

Ever since I can remember when my mom would see a Lifeline Helicopter she would always stop and tell my sister and I to pray for whoever was in it because they needed our prayers, because obviously they were either really sick or really hurt. Evidently, she also said this to Miss L a few months ago. Ever since Miss L has stopped whatever she was doing outside or inside and immediately prayed for the people in, what she used to call, planecopters. Miss L does not discriminate. No Way! We pray for people in helicopters and people in planes......you name it. It need not be a Lifeline to receive our prayers........ Anyone who is flying the friendly skies receives our families prayers each night at the supper table.

"That girl" is someone that although we haven't been long time friends with, she has left a mark on our hearts. She married a classmate of mine and worked at the Photography Studio that I get the kids pictures made at. She is someone that after you have met her once, you feel like you have known her forever. Each time you see her you are greeted by name and she always spreads such warmth and happiness. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and they have given her less than 3 months to live....she is, I believe, barely 40. She has two boys...one in high school and another that is around 6 or 7 years old. Miss L heard us talking about this and has now included her in her prayers...... I would be grateful if you would too.


Anonymous said...

Consider the prayer sent. How sweet.

Karen Forest said...

Thank you.

The Medium Swede said...

I do not know why my post came up with anonymous. Oh well, I will send another prayer.

The Sour Kraut said...

Sweet prayers. I too will say a prayer for "that girl"