Monday, November 20, 2006

As the dance recital draws near....

I honestly can't say that I have seen much change in Miss L's dancing ability. Now don't get me wrong, I am as proud as any parent out there and I could care less if she is a prima ballerina....I mean really.....I milked cows when I was young. My daughter could grow up to be a P.E. teacher and would still be more feminine than I was. (I feel the need to mention the fact that I had no choice in the cow milking department.......) But honestly... Each class is like the one the week before.
  • There is a little girl who refuses to do anything and sits on the floor crying for her mommy.....(Sad at first......OLD, OLD, OLD now! Seriously! We are into the third month of dance class.....stop bringing her OR grab her by the neck and tell her to SHUT UP! Now! Just kidding...sort of.....Whatever works.)
  • There is an even "little-er" girl that runs around doing her own dance interpretation. She, unlike little girl #1, is an absolute doll.
  • There is one little girl that wants to look like the other little girls so bad......I can just feel it....but her mother insists on dressing her in an obnoxiously huge, stiff looking tutu. It is twice the size of the little girl. It resembles a mesh monster getting ready to swallow her up....starting with her torso.
  • The rest of the girls are much like Miss L. They do some ballet steps here and there, throw in a little hokey, pokey.....then they "get all steamed up" and get down with arm movements that look like a cross between a teapot and Mr. Roboto.

After the "ballet" portion of dance class we move onto the tumbling. Miss L definately deserves a "most improved" medal. She went from doing a somersalt that veered to the left, entangling her dance tights with the velcro on the mat, to doing a somersalt worthy of a "10". ***Any problems with the tights brings on an immediate melt down and must be avoided at all costs. This includes dirt on them, velcro snags, and the dreaded hole by the toe.****

Tap is next.....and let me tell you.... this is a class favorite. What kid doesn't like to make noise? It is a very unorganized group doing random "shuffle step, step ball change....." you get the picture.

My thought is this: Do you think that in TWO more dance classes they can have it all whipped into shape to perform in the Nutcracker as Snowflakes???? The name "Nutcracker" alone brings fear to even the purist of hearts. Isn't this the Christmas performance of all Christmas performances???

You know what? Now that I think about it snowflakes are random, unique, and "dance" to a tune that only they can hear, kind of like these kids. Maybe it WILL be worth the outrageously expensive costume after all. I mean, who can resist a three year old in a white leotard and tutu with sparkles......dancing around on the stage like a snowflake. Not me. Nope, definately not me!


The Sour Kraut said...

It's all the different "styles" that will make this recital so cute. Will you post photos?

Karen Forest said...

I plan on it. In fact, last night they received their outfits and we rushed home to try it on. I took pictures and tried to post no avail. I have never had problems before, yet last night and yesterday at work, I couldn't get them to post. It showed they were uploading...and then it said "done"....put it never appeared on the draft or on the post.....Any suggestions? Do I need to upgrade to beta?

The Sour Kraut said...

I really don't know. TMS upgraded to Beta. Maybe he could give you some advice.