Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Is anybody out there? Anonymous, surely at least you are out there. Somewhere? Anybody?


The Sour Kraut said...

I got totally busted using "anonymous".

As I admitted yesterday, I egg TBF on. Since I am no longer commenting on his blog, I had to egg him on anonymously. I told him I thought it was sad that he was alone taking pictures of himself to post on his blog. He replied today that he knows (by way of the time) who made that post. He then told me to "cheer up, most people envy my life."

Envy? Like I said, he has a distored reality.

ExamBo said...

I am here! I loved the post about your one night out alone, by the way. I was cracking up.

Karen Forest said...

I have used anonymous before on Chad Burks blog. I changed the time on my blog and then changed it back so that when I, KF, commented on the anonymous comment, the times weren't the same.

Exambo, it is always good to here from you. Please comment more. By the way, how is everything going with you?