Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween has come and gone.....

and Miss L loved it.

Last night she asked me if we could trick-or-treat tonight or "maybe Thursday".....I said no, next year. This morning, on the way to the baby sitter, she asked me if she could go again, "next time"? I said, yes, next year. She said, "OK.....thank you." As if I had done her a favor of sorts. She is so polite....and funny. I love my kids.


The Sour Kraut said...

That's cute. Can you upload pictures of the kids in their costumes?

Karen Forest said...

Yes, I will try to find time to do that. They were both clowns and although Miss L started out the night with cute face paint, by our third stop she had wiped it off and was a mess. Thank goodness for baby wipes. I cleaned her up and explained to her that if she wanted make-up on she had to keep her hands away from her face. She said, "OK". So I asked again...."Do you want your Halloween make-up on?" She said, "Yes, NEXT year."

We left it off. Two kids in clown outfits....that is what we trick-or-treated as.