Friday, September 15, 2006

Things that make me happy.......

1. the smell of my kids after baths.
2. getting a new purse and transfering the items from one, over to the other.
3. rearranging furniture
4. being with my family...even though they drive me nuts.
5. hearing the laughter of my children.
6. looking out and seeing our freshly mowed yard.
7. a clean vehicle.
5. a clean house, with laundry done, and everything in its place. (even clean sheets on the beds)
6. picnics
7. spending time alone with each child, so as to bond with them individually. I don't get to do this often enough.
8. good music, turned up and singing along.
9. girl time with friends.
10.hearing my husband laugh......
11. red velvet cake
13. getting into your "skinny" jeans
14. witnessing selfless acts
15. a good hair day
16. crisp autumn nights
17. weanie roasts
18. the sound of tree frogs at night
19. nachos and pizza
20. organization
21. freshly painted toenails
22. stormy nights, without tornadoes, enjoyed from the safety of my home. (not on a mountain)
23. Mr. B trying to jump
24. Miss L telling wild stories
25.changing the ring on my cell phone
26. Sunday's
27. my moms' homemade ice cream
28. the way my kids look when they are sleeping
29. cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper at Sonic
30. watching my kids play (without them killing each other)
31. looking at old photographs
32. vacations with family
33. feeling like I have "connected" with someone
34. secretly watching Miss L during her ballet/tap/jazz dance classes
35. a good pen that writes well.
36. big family get-togethers, with everyone present. (Even the people you really don't like.)
37. running into someone I have at some point felt inferior to, and leave them feeling like I've turned out pretty well after all, and that they aren't all that I thought they were.
38. the enthusiasm of others.
39. pretty things.
40. completing something that I've put off doing
41. Putting money into savings
42. watching newborn baby calves on their wobbly legs
43. watching our dogs chasing each other and taking turns who is "it"
44. watching our (outdoor) cat try and nurse our Austrailian Shepherd, Rowdy.
****side note-I just this moment realized that this is the second animal on our "ranch" that is confused as to what species of animal it belongs. Do you think it is in the water? Maybe I should have the well tested, and the ponds.....****
45. watching Miss L give Mr. B rides on the gator all over the yard.
46. knowing that my kids are loved beyond belief and that I will do my very best to provide the best life possible for them.
47. Katie Couric no longer being on the Today show.
48. Star Jones no longer being on The View
49. knowing that my husband will forever keep me from taking life too seriously
50. meals that I don't have to fix

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The Sour Kraut said...

Reading this made me happy. It is a great post.

(I hate transferring stuff from one purse to another.)