Wednesday, September 06, 2006

so sad....

On Monday my sister called me with the sad news.

"Did you hear?" she said.
"Hear what?" I replied.
"The crocodile hunter is dead".

I was so saddened by this. After some soul searching I decided that the "crocodile hunter" brought back feelings to me of a bygone era. When I was a child, Saturday mornings were not necessarily highlighted by cartoons, but rather the "Mutual of Omaha, Wild Kingdom" with Marlin Perkins.

I loved the show, I loved the man. I think that Steve Irwin was the closest thing that this generation had to Marlin Perkins. I was entranced when his show came on and I found that I could still experience the warm fuzzy childhood feelings that a Saturday morning brought with it.


Becca Boodle said...

I had no idea you harbored such strong emotions for this man. Sorry for your lost.

The Sour Kraut said...

I also feel bad about Steve Irwin. I think it's because he had two children. The fact that his wife was on the show is also sad because we kind of knew her too. We saw a show of his awhile back that featured his father who is deceased. At least he died doing what he loved and is with his dad again.

Chad Burks said...

I was more upset by his passing then I ever thought I would be. A couple years ago when Steve was relatively new, I thought his early passing was inevitable given the acts he performs, however I came to see him as larger than life. I think what gets me the most (besides his sweet kids and wife) is that this was something that was safer for him and something that very rarely kills a person. It's sad!

The Medium Swede said...

I agree with your Marlin Perkins analogy. However if you remember ole Marlin had a guy "Steve" who did all his dangerous stuff.

Crikeys, it is a sad day

The Sour Kraut said...

I am still mourning the passing of Phil Hartman. There are some celebrity deaths that are harder to take than others. I put Steve's right up there with Phil's.