Monday, September 18, 2006

The devil is picking on me.......seriously.

This weekend we had Mr. B baptized. There has been a lot of problems that arose leading up to the baptism.

This isn't the first time..... Rewind two and a half years to the day Miss L was to get baptized, as we were heading out the door to go to the church she vomited and had diarrhea, simultaneously. Great! Needless to say, they held church up for us and we ended up being (only?) 5 minutes late.

As you can imagine, this time I started getting ready 2 1/2 hours ahead of time. I kept telling my hubby "We are not going to be late. We are leaving early. We are going to be prepared!" Yeah, I know. You can already see this coming.

We all got ready and looked the part of the perfect little family, which we are not. Miss L in her little gymboree outfit, new socks, shoes and pretty pink bow. Mr. B looked dashing in his khaki pants and white button down shirt with his little brown leather shoes. Steven, well he spiffed up pretty well, too. As we were getting ready to load up, Mr. B was a little hungry. I gave him a cracker and let him be. Hubby said, "maybe we should take the shirt off and put it on when we get to the church, that way it doesn't get wrinkled OR dirty from the cracker." GREAT IDEA! So he removes said shirt and I continue packing the essentials.....cereal in a little baggy to feed him throughout church when he gets fussy, books, quiet toys, a bib for the meal with family afterwards, wipes, extra diapers and so on..... We load up and leave the house just under 30 minutes prior to the service.

We arrive in town about 7 minutes prior to the service and I comment that we aren't arriving any too early. "No" he says, "maybe you should start getting him ready". I say "I can't really do that because I would have to take him out of the carseat, I will just wait till we stop, but I will get the shirt ready.... WAIT, where did you put the shirt?" Steven says..."I didn't get the shirt, I thought that you got the shirt..." (Here is where all perfect parents will say, "You should've packed another set of clothes...blah, blah, blah...... OK ALREADY)

This is where and when I had my nervous breakdown.

Long story, sorta short, I called my sister who was waiting for us at the church and told her to run to the local Super Wal-Mart and get him a white button down shirt.....pronto. I went in with Miss L and Steven and Mr. B stayed behind in the truck waiting for a new shirt. I left instructions for them to all come into the back of the church and go into the cry room. Since they didn't have to come into the sanctuary, no one would be the wiser, they would just think they were in the cry room all along. I told the priest that Steven and Mr. B were regrouping and that they would be in the cry room. "No problem," he said, " as long as they are here at end of the will be fine."

This did little to calm my nerves. I entered into the sanctuary and sat down, seeking comfort and solace from my mom. I quickly recounted why Mr. B and Steven weren't with me. After I filled them in I said, "Can you believe this?'

"Yes, I can" says my mom and gives me a (nice?) little smile.

You have to love family.....they just lift you up when you need it most.


The Sour Kraut said...

I'm sorry you were stressed for what should have been a strictly happy event. I'm sure most of it went great but your only mentioning the stressful part for our entertainment.

I have come to realize that nothing will ever go as planned. I wish I were the type who could go with the flow. I'm working on it. Having children has done wonders at lowering my standards for things like this.

SharnJean said...

Your sister must be one amazing person.

Karen Forest said...

This time she really came through for me.

Go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back.