Friday, September 01, 2006

More of the blahs....

Someone shake me out of this. I can not get motivated to be inspired by ANYTHING. I want to be, but I am just not. Help me! Inspire me! Give me some topic to comment on....write about or at the very least ponder. This is making the post I deleted about going to the gynecologist look like a literary masterpiece.


The Sour Kraut said...

How about an update on your calf?
More random thoughts?
Another store grand opening?

I will be attending my high school reunion and here are two quesitons on the questionairre. Maybe these will inspire you.

1) Who was your high school crush?
2) The ways I've changed since high school are...

Karen Forest said...

Lovely...the dreaded high school reunion. I helped put ours together two years ago. I have to say planning it was more fun than attending it. I wished we would have put these questions on our questionaire.

Soooo....who was your high school crush and how have you changed?

Becca Boodle said...

Way to dodge the questions, Timber!
As for me, I don't think I really had a high school crush. Or maybe it's just that I am flaky and my crushes changed with the day.
I would have to say that I have become more confident since high school. But I am also more complacent- I am much easier going than I ever was back then. I think I had certain expectations that I felt HAD to be met and now I am learning that plans change and all I can do is deal with it. Maybe I am TOO easy going?

The Sour Kraut said...

I think no one ever really gets over their high school crush. I know I'll be on the lookout for mine at my reunion.

I was a very shy child and a mostly shy teenager. I think being not completely shy translated into others thinking I was snotty and not liking me. As a result, I was bitchy to them before they could decide they didn't like me. Weird, I know, but in my head at the time it made sense. Go figure...I was a teenage girl.

So the ways I have changed are:
1) I'm much more outgoing
2) I'm nicer

Karen Forest said...

I am not dodging questions.....

For the first one I would have to say that my high school crush husband. Before that, a guy on the school bus.

And how have I changed? Well that deserves a whole other blog and ALOT more thought.