Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just a normal day....

However, at our house I am not sure there is a such thing as normal.

I was cleaning out my closet in preparation for a garage sale. I was taking items from the closet and tossing them out into my bathroom floor.

Then I removed everything from the shelves and tossed them on to the closet floor.

Finally, I began sorting through items and either putting them in the "sale" pile or returning them to the closet.

Trust me, it is a very scientific process.

During this time the kids were in and out. They had been entertaining themselves most of the morning and at last count, Miss L was in dire need of a leash for Daisy and Mr. B was running around with only a shirt on. No pants. Or underwear.

OK, that last bit about Mr. B? Yeah, THAT is normal.

Anyway, I decided that maybe I should check on them again.

This is what I found:

Miss L had brought her lawn chairs (and dog food) to the front porch along with a blanket to wrap up in - for warmth. Of course, putting clothes on never occurred to her as an option. Nope, first day of summer was going to be spent in her jammies.

She had created some sort of contraption using Daisy, and a make shift leash, to open the front storm door.

Leave her alone for an hour....I mean minute.....

I turned to see Mr. B just watching his sister. He is the child more inclined to watch someone work than to work himself. But something was different.....this wasn't the shirt he had on earlier.

Apparently Mr. B had found something he liked during my closet cleaning expedition. A fuzzy pink sweater. I asked him why he was wearing my sweater and he said "because it is nice and cozy."

Um, OK.

Although I was inclined to put this sweater in the "sale" pile, something tells me that it might still get some wear.

Normal? What is that?


Amy said...

I think I was with you when you bought that sweater! I think you are going to have problems with him. He likes to be without pants too much.

HonorMommy said...

Hey...thanks for stopping by my blog :-D. Your Miss L. reminds me a lot of my Honor...she tends to be a bit crafty as well ;-D.

The Sour Kraut said...

Our younger son always puts on my fuzzy stuff. He's very tactile and has always been drawn to soft stuff. I remember once when he was very little and still in a stroller, we took him to a festival where we bought cotton candy. I handed him part of it, looked down, and saw him rubbing it against his cheek. So cute.

Kim said...

TSK- THAT is cute!