Friday, May 01, 2009

And then there were two

Camping. In May. That sounds about right.

But considering the rain has set in for a good two to three days, camping this weekend wasn't going to work.

Three weeks ago, Steven came across "a real find". One of his friends had a pop-up pickup bed camper that he wanted to sale.

The pop-up part sounded about right. We had wanted a pop-up for some time. But a pop-up camper of the pull behind variety.

As the saying goes, "Beggars can't be choosers".

And, as I said before, Steven said it was a real find.

Considering that it was in good shape and the kids love it, I think I may just have to agree with him.

For the last three weekends something prevented us from going camping.

The kids were was Steven.

As I came home from work tonight, and pulled into the garage, I saw the camper on the truck, backed into the garage with the top "popped up". Apparently, plans had been set into motion.

So tonight, as we readied for bed, we did not fall into our normal routine. Instead of lying by them in their own beds....I said "goodnight" to them.....out in the garage.

They waited for daddy to join them. I, on the other hand, had been informed already by Mr. B that, "No girls were allowed."

Upon hearing this, I, of course, had to inform Miss L that she was a girl.....what would that mean for her?

After short deliberation with her brother, they decided that it was rather, "No women allowed". And it was with that judgement folks, that mommy was secretly reveling in the fact that I would have the bed, the WHOLE bed, to myself.

Since Steven was staying with them it meant I could go to bed and go right TO SLEEP. (ahem)

There would be no children joining me in the middle of night.

No little girl climbing in bed and blessing me with the sound of her..... grinding teeth!

No little boy climbing in bed and then deciding to kick the ever loving tar out of his mother.

This was going to be great!

I snapped one more pic of Steven with the kids and turned to head out the door.Of course, it was at this point that Mr. B decided that he couldn't stand one night away from his mommy, even if it were just a few more walls than usual separating us. Or them, as it might be.

So, then there were two. Garage Campers. Dedicated to the cause. Turning their backs on the conveniences of home. Braving elements. Becoming one with.... nature?

Regardless, they were excited. And they were having fun.

Mr. B and I turned and left, shutting the door behind us. Of course, they wanted me to leave their "porch light" on. I prefer to think it was just in case they too, found themselves missing mommy.

And as I walked in the house with this little boy of mine, who adored his mommy and her company, Mr. B looked up and me and lovingly said, "They are wasting electricity."

And with that, we got ready for bed.

*******Updated: Little did I know that the following evening it would be MY turn to camp. I should have seen that coming.....


Anonymous said...

Mr. B's comment is exactly why I love him so so so much!

~Sharn Jean

jen said...

thank you for your warm thoughts over my way this past week. truly. xo

Marlana said...

That looks like so much fun! I bet you guys are going to have a great time this summer making lots of little trips.