Friday, May 01, 2009

I am old...

And I realize this has nothing to do with age or a number.......but more to do with my appearance. I had just got my hair dyed to color my grays, but nothing can disguise my wavy, crepe papery like, chin.

Yes, my chin. The first one...not the double one.

See, here is a close up. Now, please ignore the lip liner sans lipstick....

Now, you can be nice and claim that it is the stray hairs, but lets be honest. It is age and it is not pretty.....and the double chin, well it speaks for itself. Literally.

I honestly got the pictures uploaded from our trip and I was depressed. Really depressed.

Not only am I overweight, but I am crepe-papery. (Yes, it is a word.)

When did this happen? I mean I am only 32.

So, if there is a plastic surgeon out there that wants to take me on pro bono, I am your girl. Call me!

I will even post before and after pics. Promise!

****Thank goodness I had on sunglasses, otherwise you would see the crow's feet too!


The Sour Kraut said...

You are waaaayyy too hard on yourself. You look great. Appreciate your age. (I am about to turn 46!)

Anonymous said...

Lip Liner=OLD

I might be the wrong person to actually make that determination considering I am against any type of lip wear.

~Your Loving Sister

Marlana said...

I agree with the first person who said you are way too hard on yourself. I wish I looked as old as you. ;)

Joy said...

Well, in case it makes you feel any better, might I point out that you are dangerously close to 33?

I know, I am SUCH a good friend!