Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Update on "Boo"

One of my first posts centered around my friend, Joy. She was at the time trying to figure out where the previous owner of her house had.....committed suicide.

I never really got into the reason why she wanted to know, so here it is. At certain times, when her husband was out of town, her dog would stand at the top of the stairs and growl into the basement. "Yep...that has to be it", we decided. "He is in the basement." Now I have to say that I have never been 100% sure how I felt about ghosts. I am Catholic...I believe in God.... But I am beginning to believe in ghosts as well. I think.

Joy told me a couple of months ago that while in her laundry room (which has a clear view through the kitchen and dining room) her son, who had just turned 3 years old, asks who the man is in the kitchen? Joy, remaining very calm asks, "What is the man doing?" Obviously, SHE sees no one. Her son stated that he was cooking.

OK, this past week Joy's youngest son (2 yrs old), was playing in his room with his grandma when he kept looking towards the wall. He asked his grandma if "that man" could come play trucks with him. Of course, she sees no one either.

Last week, amid 100+ degree weather, Joys air conditioner stops working. She calls the repair man. When he shows up the first thing he states is "it is kind of weird for me to come here." She asked him what he meant. He explained that he had originally put in the AC, furnace and duct work when the house was built AND his ex wife was the deceased man's cousin.

After he had completed his work, and was about to leave, Joy got up the nerve. "I have to ask you something", she said, "and I mean NO disrespect. Do you know where he did IT?"

"Do you really want to know?" asked the AC guy. "Yes", said Joy, "I really do." So here it comes......"In the master bedroom."


Joy if you are reading this....sorry. Also, the dog may not be stupid. Apparently this man travels around the house so maybe he had just moved himself down to the basement since you kept filling up all the spare bedrooms with children. THAT makes sense.


ExamBo said...

I belive in ghost. I have this friend who bought a house where an elderly person died in and we swear that their ghost is still in the house. There is one bedroom of the house that is always cold and kind of erie, and you guessed it......it is the room the person died in. Her dog also stands at the door of that room and barks. Very weird!

Karen Forest said...

Gale just told me a story yesterday about a couple he knows that stayed in the Basin Park Hotel in Eureka Springs.....they didn't know that it was supposedly haunted.

They went to bed and prior to falling asleep the wife saw a shadow pass in front of the window...she asked her husband if he saw it and he said "no". Later it happened again and they both saw it. Quite awhile later the wife said she saw a man, in old-time clothing (his exact words was a suitcoat with a ruffled shirt) walk across the floor and sit down on the edge of the bed. She said when he sat down it was like the air had been taken out of her and she couldn't breathe. Finally she spoke to him (I would have been screaming) and asked him what he was doing. He said that he had just been informed that his son had died and he couldn't find him. She asked him if he wanted her to help him look and he said that he had looked everywhere and that his son was nowhere to be found.....then he was gone.

She passed it off to dreaming and a few alcholic beverages. I was assured that neither of them were drunk. The next morning when her husband awoke he said "last night I had the strangest dream....." and proceeded to repeat to her everything that had happened.

Apparently this freaked them out, yet they told NO ONE for over a year because they thought people would think they were crazy.

The Sour Kraut said...

First of all, I apologize for how long this comment is going to be.

Our house had a ghost as well. I don't think he's with us anymore though. None of us were ever afraid of this presence which is why I am convinced it was TMS's dad. He passed away unexpectedly just after we bought the house and TMS's mom stayed with us after his death. She never returned to their house and sold their home a few months later. I think it was his dad with us to see that we were all alright.

Our older son was about 2 or 3 and he, too, had the same experience as Joy's son. He said to me "Who is that person sitting next to you?" I said "What person?". He said, "There's a man sitting next to you on the couch."

With all of our windows closed, our bedroom door swung fully open. I don't mean it slowly opened...no...it opened with a purpose - and didn't move afterwards. I remember thinking, "I can't even comprehend this being what I think it is." (a supernatural experience)

While I was on the phone one day, our younger son was playing in our living room. He began crying hysterically and wouldn't stop. I thought he really hurt himself so I hung up the phone. He was really upset and crying and he told me that there was a man in the living room with him. I asked him to describe him and he did exactly...down to the eyeglasses, shirt and shoes he had on. When I relayed this to my husband, he guessed at the shirt he would be wearing in his afterlife of eternal rest. His guess matched our son's description.

We've heard footsteps, had things move behind our backs, etc. I've even said outloud to our empty house, "OK, you got me again."

We haven't had any incidents lately in our house but we recently bought an RV. On our way home from picking it up, my husband said that for a brief moment, he swore he saw his dad sitting in the passenger seat next to him. (His dad loved camping.) My older son said he looked up and saw someone come out of the RVs bathroom.

Who says a ghost has to stay in a house? Maybe he travels with us.

Karen Forest said...

I totally believe it! Joy called me yesterday and her youngest son has seen this man again. And said that he was nice and had played with him before. She said that she has never once felt scared......