Tuesday, July 25, 2006


There are things that are accepted in society that are not acceptable to me. And I don't think I truly thought about this until last night. It was a fairly normal experience, and it surprised me with the way it directed my thoughts.

My daughter was chewing gum, and when supper was ready, took it out of her mouth and TRIED to hand it to me. I was mortified. "Go put that in the trash can....YUCK!"

So here it goes: I hate chewing gum. Now the actual process of chewing gum isn't that bad....but seeing someone chewing it grosses me out. Also, people who put it on their plate while they are eating....GROSS! I don't want to see it on their plate. I also don't want to see it lying naked in the trash can for all to see. I mean, COME ON, spit it into a tissue or something.

That is my feelings about gum. Is their something that grosses you out, that others find socially acceptable?


SharnJean said...

Stirrup pants and cowboy boots with fringe.

The Sour Kraut said...

I hate seeing women with long toenails. There should be no white outgrowth on ones toes! I hate seeing men with long fingernails.

Becca Boodle said...

I hate it when people pick at themselves. A business associate was driving my van on a long trip and started scratching and picking at his head and the zits on his neck and who knows what on his back. Then he would roll what ever he scratched off between his fingers and kind of dust it off on the seat and steering wheel. I was literally sick by the time we got back. Then I had to clean up all his "leavings"- yuck!

The Sour Kraut said...

I've come up with another thing I can't stand. I am obsessively paranoid when it comes to head lice. Each time I see teachers instruct the kids to pile their coats and hats, or I see kids my boys trying on hats in a store, I absolutely freak out...inside that is. I don't actually want anyone to know how much of a germaphobe I really am.