Monday, July 03, 2006

Days of my life.......

  1. I rode a tractor over to my parents house with my husband and two kids....nope, no cab on this tractor. On the way we passed a truck with a calf tied in the bed of it. I felt like a page out of Rural America.
  2. Husband broke, for the second time, my dad's brush hog....totally playing into their idea of him being "haphazard", which by definition, is characterized by lack of plan, order, or direction. I would think this, at times, is a pretty fair assessment of my husband. Maybe not in this particular instance........but......
  3. Cleaned the house as well as the garage. As if this wasn't enough cleaning, my husband brought up the camping trailer to get ready for our first outing of 2006.
  4. Cleaned the camper......sweeping up mouse poop from the vacant drawers.......lysoling, bleaching, dusting....etc.
  5. While cleaning out camper, lifted up the bed support to sweep out the insulation below...just in case.... FOUND A FREAKING SNAKE SKIN!!!!!!!
  6. Left the camper screaming and exclaiming that I would not sleep in that camper EVER until a thorough....and I mean, thorough de-snaking had taken place.
  7. Got ready for a redneck college graduation party at B. Spring, complete with a monster truck, load of fireworks. Yes, monster truck.
  8. Was thrown out of, or rather, asked to leave, a local convenient store after having words with cashier about her..................... lack of professionalism. What can I say, I am bad.
  9. Went to church with Thelma Lou off of Mayberry.
  10. Went to a Fourth of July rodeo celebration, where I ran into a former classmate.
  11. Ran into a good friend from Florida on a lunch date conspiracy set into motion by my very own mother.......It was a nice surprise. Didn't even know he was in my neck of the woods.

And the holiday isn't even here yet....................I wonder what is to come?


Becca Boodle said...
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Becca Boodle said...

I will have to add "eating an ice cream cone" to my list of talents. I think I perfected this while I was employed at the local DQ.

Chad Burks said...

She won't say it but I will. How else did she get out of cleaning the fryers.