Monday, July 17, 2006

Are we there yet?

Me and the fam are leaving next week for our vacation in Colorado. There is a group of over twenty going, many of which are close friends and family. We are all taking our ATV's (or as our Polaris Ranger is classified, our UV) to ride in the mountains. This alone will be interesting with our 3 year old daughter and (barely) 1 year old son. They ride frequently....just not ALL day.. in mountains. However the most daunting part of our trip will most likely be the over 14 hour drive. I am equipped with our portable DVD player and Dora the Explorer movies...,books, small toys and so on. I think this will keep our 3 year old occupied. I am not so optimistic about "my boy". I am planning on packing the Benadryl to sedate him with if the going gets tough. My husband, who has the ability to tune out ALL fussing, thinks that entertaining them is unneccessary. "They should just enjoy looking out the window". I can see myself making it to Joplin before drinking the bottle of Benadryl myself.

Any ideas and/or suggestions as to items to take or games to play (keep in mind the age group) to make this long trip more pleasant?


The Sour Kraut said...

As an experienced traveler of long road trips with kids, here are a few of my recommendations:

A movie that they've never seen before (to be revealed only when the restlessness gets pretty bad)

Headphones for above movie

Fold-away porta potty, plastic grocery store bags and diapers (diapers to use in the bottom of the bag) -- if you're in the potty training stage with your 3-year-old

Leap pad

Lots of snacks

Sorry, the only thing that may help with your one-year-ole is prayer

Karen Forest said...

Thank God my three year old has been potty trained for a year now.

As for my son. Yes....I think I will start praying now, over a week in advance.

Chad Burks said...

Drug them! Face it, It's the only way!

Karen Forest said...

After the way my stomach has been feeling the last couple of weeks, I may need to take the fold-away porta potty for myself and blame it on the kids.

Too much information, I know.