Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentine's Day, Birthdays, buggy horses, dog fights and a new mattress (a pictoral view)

So, by request from my many readers (OK, one reader), I am posting pictures. Although TSK only requested a picture of the horse, I will indulge everyone by posting multiple pics.
First up, Valentine's Day. Actually, not Valentine's Day, BUT the oh-so wonderful Valentine party:
Miss L posing with the treats for aforementioned par-tay.

Next up, Grandma's 90th birthday par-tay. This is my Grandma S posing with a cake made for her by a great-granddaughter. Please note the decor. Nothing has changed in my grandma's house since I was born. I love this about her house.

On to a much younger lady. In fact, my husband's new girl.
(Please pay no attention to the yucky mud and dead trees. This time of year is so NOT pretty)

This is Big Sexy. She is big. That is true. In fact, Peanut, Miss L' s pony could almost walk under her. As far as the sexy part goes...... When Steven was talking about her this weekend he recited poetry.

OK, not exactly poetry, but a George Jones song. Something about "long and lean, every young man's dream...."

Let's not forget Daisy.

At this point I was unsure of how bad her injuries were. All I knew is that to touch her was to lose an appendage.

This was after the stitches. She totally milked it for the camera. Two days and antibiotics later, she looks like this:

And last but not least.....the new mattress:

Jumping, throwing pillows and rolling around on the bed. This is how the kids have enjoyed breaking it in. For the record, (and I know you were wondering ;0) this is the only way it has been "broke in" so far.

Since watching MTV cribs I have this feeling that I am now supposed to say, seductively, of course,"This is where the magic happens." Bow chica bow wow.....

Lets just be honest, it generally isn't. To the right, through the bathroom door or on the closet floor is where the magic happens".

Too much information, right? So sorry!

What can I say? When you are parents to a three and five year old, magic happens wherever and whenever it can.


ExamBo said...

Your grandma is looking great for 90. She hasn't changed a bit since I last saw her, which was at least 4 years ago.

The Sour Kraut said...

I love the pictures, the more the better!