Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A little of this and a whole lotta of that.....

This past weekend was a busy one. Friday night we had the big homecoming festivities. Miss L was excited, as was her momma. I just love being involved. Some people become overwhelmed, I just bask in it.

That was until the "Hair Fiasco of 2009" . Da Da Dum!

That was overwhelming. Let me tell you: her hair would not behave!

Normally I would just have taken her somewhere and had it done. That, however, wasn't an option this time. I worked until four and had been advised to get to the school well before six if I wanted a seat. Taking into consideration travel time......a hairdresser was not an option.

I thought I was prepared. In fact, last week I even had a practice session. Everything went relatively well. I thought, "I can do this."

You know what they say about if something SEEMS too good to be true.......

Friday night I grabbed a comb, a curling iron and bobby pins and set my mind to the task at hand.

It was a flop. Nothing worked.

I curled this and flipped that. Tucked this and teased that. TO NO AVAIL!

It was so much of a flop that she ended up going with her hair in a pony tail!


A pony tail!

I took deep breaths, recited some affirmations into the mirror and convinced her (and mostly myself) that all was OK.

And you know what? It was. No one cared what her hair looked like, except me. Once surrounded by her friends, Miss L only cared about having a good time.

And do you know what?

We did!

(Did someone say something about it being "the year of the scarf"?)


After the game Miss L and one of her friends decided they wanted to have a sleep over. At the friends grandma's house. Although I know the grandmother and the family, Miss L has only had a sleep over once somewhere other than my sisters or my parents. And that one other time was at a good friends house less than two miles from ours. Still......there was some anxiety going on.

Totally logical anxiety though. You know anxiety about impending house fires, carbon monoxide poisoning and alien abductions. Logical. Totally.

My father was at homecoming and "overheard" my internal dialogue struggling with this possible sleep over. He is gifted like that. Or maybe he just "overheard" the anxious note in my voice as I stated, "Your friend could stay the night with us, if you wanted." He reprimanded me, telling me that this ISN'T what they wanted to do and reminded me that you have to let her go (and grow).

I know this. I know that I can not protect her from everything and God has constant watch. Regardless of my proximity, "His will be done". I came to terms with this sleepover and said a silent prayer.

As I was coming to terms with this, the girls were weighing their options.

As it turned out, apparently His will was for her friend to stay the night with us and I was able to rest easier for one more night.

(Make up and tiara's. Does it get any girlier than this?)

Mr. B enjoyed playing with the girls. Well, that is, until they tried putting make up on him. Once that happened he let out screams that would wake the living dead. I thought that something very very bad had happened. Maybe even aliens trying to abduct him from our very own home.

Luckily, no aliens, just girls armed with make up. Screaming because of make-up. Does it get any more boyish than that? I don't think so!


Saturday evening we had a family get together. My mother's side came to our house to enjoy Italian food AND each other's company.

Prior to my extended family arriving, my sister and I decided to show off our mad dancing (and singing) skillz to our parents. Folks, let me just say "we are awesome". I mean, I hate to brag and all, but there is just no way around it.

We got back to our roots with the "American Trilogy" from Elvis and we rounded it on out with MIA-"Paper Planes". What can I say? We are diverse.

I think we left my parents wondering what went so wrong with us, so terribly wrong. They tried and all.......

Once people started arriving we turned our attention elsewhere.


Lots of FOOD!

And my sister.....she has turned into quite the cook.

Let me explain. She has maintained that she DOES NOT COOK. And that even though married she WILL NOT COOK.

Did I mention that SHE DOES NOT COOK?

Well, do you know what? Come to find out.....she does!

Exhibit A: Not just any chocolate cake. A chocolate cake made to resemble the Italian flag.


(Exhibit A)

(Exhibit B)

This is my sister's HOMEMADE cheesecake. That is right! Not store bought. Homemade. And we didn't really even follow the directions.

Culinary expertise, I tell you.


So to sum it up, this weekend was filled with food, fun and family. In my books it doesn't get any better than that!


Anonymous said...


~Sharn Jean

The Next Phase said...

I want your sister's recipe and secret for cheesecake! Can't wait until I have a house and can have the whole fam over. And, by the way, you and Miss L looked beautiful on Friday night!

Ruth in MO said...

You are waaaaay too hard on yourself. Lakyn looked beautiful. Her hair always does. Hope my crashing the hairdo party didn't impede on you getting the look you were after. I will be forever in your debt for helping me with Amber.