Thursday, February 26, 2009

Facebook Fright

Am I the only one out there who won't ask people on facebook to be "friends" because I think they will ignore my request?

Or am I only afraid because I have ignored other people's requests?

Some of those insecurities from high school just won't let you go..........


Ruth in MO said...

I have never been afraid to ask for a friend request. To be honest, I probably wouldn't notice.
Nor have I ever ignored a request.
I guess our circumstances are different, but it is just FB. Not enough to waste time worrying over.

ruth in MO said...

"I probably wouldn't notice if one got denied."

Kim said... my defense, I only denied people who were REALLY not my friends. Like seriously NOT MY FRIEND.

I think there has been two.

The Sour Kraut said...

Did you deny me? You may have since we have never formally met : )

My first friend was Jessica.

ExamBo said...

I am not even on Facebook. I feel so left behind. Should I take the plunge and get on it?

Kim said...

Exambo-take the plunge. You can be a friend. I will even do the asking.

TSK- I haven't denied you because you haven't asked.

Now that you mentioned it, Jessica asked me too, but under the Karen Forest name. I don't think I accepted....because I wasn't a member and Karen wasn't a real person. TSK-ask me. I won't deny you.

The Next Phase said...

There has been lots of times I haven't sent a friend request for that reason. I can't think of a time I've denied a friend request from someone I actually knew but I've denied request from people I didn't know. I think it's a very common insecurity amongst those of us with weird self-esteem issues! :)