Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Tea anyone? (updated 2/5/09)

Ok, that last post wore me out. I need to move on to something way more pressing. What could be more pressing than a land purchase, you ask?

Well, let me tell you. It is the decision of whether to tea stain or not to tea stain. That's right. This is heavy stuff, I tell you.

My cousin, Stacy and I share the same love of decorating. We do and re-do our homes constantly. Trying to find that special something that makes it "just right".

My current dilemma revolves around a purchase of a new center piece for my table, which resulted in a different doily being used. (Yes, doily. I never said I wasn't incredibly country.) Now, I realize that since I have now admitted to doily use, you probably have conjured up images of my dining room being painted country blue, and decorated with ducks and daisies.

This isn't quite the case. Close, but no ducks or daisies. And my wall color is taupe. Bamboo to be exact.

Back to the dilemma. (See how easily I am sidetracked?)

The "new" doily is a tea stained doily. My curtains, DA DA DUM.....are not. Gah! Is this terrible?

It seems a no-brainer, right? Stain the curtains already!

I wish it were that easy. I had the vat of tea ready. I had already immersed other doilys. (Oh. Yes. I. Do.! I have more than one!) When it came time for the curtain countdown, I cracked. I faltered. I waivered. Ultimately, I only stained one lone curtain that I had up in the "back porch". (Did you catch that? "Back porch"....and it is inside my house.....See it? The country just oozing out of me!?)

I have been debating and stewing over whether to go ahead and stain the other four. I am not sure why I am so up in the air about this. I have asked my husband, he is indifferent. I have asked my daughter (5 yrs old), she likes it stained. I have asked my son(3 yrs old), he likes it the way it is now. Did I mention I am desperate for some direction?

These aren't high dollar curtains, folks. Possibly one of a kind, just not high dollar. You see, my mom found this curtain at a garage sale for $5.oo. It was one of those fancy-wancy garage sales in the big city in the big subdivision. We quick went to work and cut it up into five pieces (here is how I got "one of a kind"). Viola! I was in business.

Funny how I didn't care to tear into it with scissors, but I am afraid of a little tea.

So what does a country girl do? Well, this country girl avoids any decision making what-so-ever and difers the decision to the internets. That way, it is your fault and not mine, if the wrong decision is made. See how this works?

Here is an up close picture, in natural light of course:

(stain free on top...tea stained on bottom)

Here is the view, in artificial light:

This view allows you to take in the aforementioned doily on table

And here is the view with both natural and artificial light, (which could be the tie-breaker, right?):

(Please don't base decision on how well they match the tiny hearts hanging down from curtains and light these are only temporary.)

Let the voting begin! I will just be sitting here biting my nails until the verdict is received. (Of course, considering hardly anyone reads this blog....that could be awhile!)

Oh yeah! Stacy has already voted. She says "Stain it already!" Maybe I should go start boiling some tea.....

Thanks for all your help! (It takes a village.......)


As requested, I now have pictures with the curtains in the window.

(Curtains in natural light)

(Curtains in artificial light (with flash))

(Curtains in artificial light, with no flash)

Folks, I am nothing, if not thorough.....and eager to please.

Let me know what you think.........


Marlana said...

I'm going to have to see it in person, hee, hee! Really though, I think I need to see the stained curtain on the window instead of the door. Can you do that? I think I may like it stained, too. Miss L and I have great minds, ya know! I'm sure they are perfect either way though.

Kim said...

I will get right on that. Maybe tomorrow I will post an update!

I aim to please!

ExamBo said...

I say stain it! I like the darker color against your white doors.

The Sour Kraut said...

I say stain. I picks up the taupe in your walls.

Marlana said...

I like it stained, too! Thanks for updating. :) You are so good!

Joy said...

Holy crap! Here you go again! I say stain the damn curtains. However, pop a few muscle relaxers first because I'm sure you'll be one level below stroke while second-guessing yourself throughout the entire process.

I didn't know you were still blogging. I'll have to bookmark you and start reading again.

Andrea said...

I'm going to have to go with no stain! I hate change and it's not even my house! HA1 No really, I think I like the brighter curtains because your walls are darker and the curtains stained don't really stand out to me! Just my opinion!

The Next Phase said...

I agree with Andrea, no stain. They really "pop" against your dark walls. The stained one just blends in and makes it almost unnoticable.

ruthless256 said...

At first I was for sure on the stain campaign. Then after reading the other replies I took a second look and I am thinking the white does stand out nicely. But this is coming from me, the one with no sense of decor.

Anonymous said...

I am your sister and you will do as I say...STAIN! I agree with JOY, make sure you pop some muscle relaxers.


Am I doing better?

Manda said...

alrighty vote is NO STAIN...the stained is really pretty, but you already have MANY warm colors in there..from the wall color, the wood floors and the doilies. i think the white just seems to pop a little??? your photographs are so ocd- i love it...(with flash, natural light, artificial light...) very me..LOLOL. let me throw this out there..what about a lighter stain? maybe an inbetween of the already stained and the white...i just really screwed up by saying that didnt i? LMAO!