Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Note to self....

Dear self,

Why? you do some of the things you do? Are you not thinking straight?.....Has the infection from the pink eye spread to your brain? Are you still caught off guard because someone who came to visit noticed your fly was down? Have you lost all sense of propriety? People were depending on you to maintain their low key profiles....and here you are drawing attention to yourself. You have let them down. Way down. I don't mean to throw you under the bus, but you have got to get yourself together.

Oh well, you could probably do something worse than leaving your barn door being open. Things might look up. Maybe I made a friend.


1 comment:

thelizardtamer said...

Pink eye and exposing yourself all in one day? Sounds like a terrible afternoon, almost as bad as my yesterday! Check out my post dog.