Thursday, June 15, 2006

My thoughts at 30

  1. Turning 30 isn't as bad as being 30.
  2. My eyes are continually watering and I am not sure if it is my allergies or if I am subconsiously crying.
  3. I wonder if I could lose 20 lbs by tomorrow, so that I don't look like a whale while swimming with Kristina and Lindsey?
  4. I hate to tell Becca, but I too have a sweating problem today, even though I am sporting Mitchum.
  5. If I wished that I would lose 20lbs by tomorrow while blowing out my candles, would it come true?
  6. My underwire is poking into me......severely.
  7. I am not looking much like myself lately.
  8. I wonder if I would gain 20 lbs by tomorrow if I ate my WHOLE birthday cake? (red velvet)
  9. I am lucky, all jokes aside, to have such good friends. That is one area of my life that is really blessed.
  10. AM I CRYING????
  11. When I redeem my gift certificate, could I get the massage therapist to sign a non disclosure agreement regarding the fragile, and puffy, state of my body.
  12. Maybe I shouldn't redeem the certificate......
  13. I wonder if the person giving the pedicure will vomit when they see my feet/toenails?
  14. What, EXACTLY, is a facial? And why did my boss have one?
  15. I can never, never, never get a divorce, because no other man can ever see my naked body again. I mean, really, I gross myself out at this point.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Becca Boodle said...

A facial is a wonderful and relaxing experience. You'll love it! Just a note of caution: If you search on the word "facial" on the Internet, you will get a whole different kind of facial. Maybe your boss had one of these?

ExamBo said...

I would skip the facial, it will make your face break-out in about a week. Just a heads up. I just wanted to tell you HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And to let you know that 30 is not the bad. I have had a great 30th year so far and I know that you will too. Loved the previouse blogs (just getting caught up today). Hope you had a great birthday and have a fabulous year!