Friday, June 23, 2006

Much ado about nothing...

I am really so bored/tired today that I am a little delirious. It has just been one of those days...not really a bad day...just a long one. Since my brain is too tired to do much I will attempt a random thoughts blog today.

  • Why does it seem that, in general, women settle for men that aren't good enough for them and men land women that are too good for them (but they don't know it)......This is a phenomenom.
  • Why is it that Wal Mart sells out of children's wading pools and doesn't restock in Mid June when it is freaking 90 degrees? Do they not think that people swim when it is hot?
  • Will the new Wal Mart be as good as my mind had anticipated it being, or is it going to be the same, with a touch of pain in the butt parking?
  • Will anyone ditch their current salon stylist to now go get their haircut at the Super Wal-Mart hair salon?
  • I think my son has developed an ear infection while on an antibiotic.......
  • How can I get out of fixing supper tonight?
  • John Kerry is a big joke......rain forest....blah blah blah......gun control.....blah blah...GW is so much better looking in a Carhartt.
  • I think our presidential elections should be held American Idol style.
  • Yo Yo Yo dawg
  • Should Oprah really re-air her episode about how she lost the weight and kept it off, when now during re-run season, it is apparent she hasn't kept it off?
  • I wonder if anyone in prison would like to write me a letter?
  • I must be gross.....I remember working at the bank with Becca and Lizard Tamer and Exambo.....and all of them at least once told me....."just wait, when the factory workers come through..... You will totally get hit on.....we all do" I am still waiting.....(10 years later)
  • I can't believe that Debbie doesn't think that Dena is old enough to be a PBR....she's 31
  • Sarah L. is way too nice.....way too nice
  • It's nice to think that someone thinks that 31 is too young for anything
  • My kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Layman, looks the same as she did 25 years ago...amazing.
  • If the presidential election WAS American Idol style....what would they compete COULDN'T/SHOULDN'T be choices say soooo much more about a person.
  • There is a couple out on our parking lot in a multi-colored primered small pickup.....the man is sitting in the drivers seat, the hood is up, and the woman is laying on the asphalt looking under the truck---please see thought #1.

Have a wonderful weekend......


ExamBo said...

You are so right....GW does look better in a Carhart.

Chad Burks said...

Mrs. Laydon has not aged one bit since the 50's. Do you remember getting to go picnic at her house on the last day of Kindergarten?

Farah is WAY to nice!

No Comment on GW and the Carhart!

Opie's gained her weight back? I learn just as much from your blog as I do in the check out line.

Wally is going to be a let down! I assure you.

Karen Forest said...

Yes, I loved the picnic......and the circus.....

I was on the balance beam. I am awesome.