Monday, June 05, 2006

Made it through lunch.......

There seems to be some rising panic as to my livelihood thus far in the day....Yes, I did make it through lunch. I should have had her pinpoint the exact time my possible demise. Since, my daughter only said that I would die after I took her to the babysitter........there is all sorts of possible times this leaves open. Did she mean after I took her and then picked her back up? Or after I took her on Wed? Possibly Thurs????? Who knows. I will just have to keep my fingers crossed and my seatbelt fastened.

P.S. Since I acted somewhat troubled about her statement, she (as I stated in previous blog) said that just my truck would die.... so far that hasn't happened either. I guess it is just a waiting game. Also, I keep having flashbacks dating back to around 17 years ago. Me, my sister and my mom were getting ready to leave for a shopping trip to Springtown. My parents had just bought a new car. My sister, then around 3 yrs too, told my mom not to drive the new car that day because someone was going to hit us.....Sure enough, we were rearended in the middle of Springtown. I hope my sister hasn't passed on her childhood psychic ability to my daughter.....If so, I am doomed.

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We have a "gift".