Wednesday, April 25, 2007


**This morning while getting Miss L and Mr B ready to go, Miss L started talking about "way back when" she was a baby.

Miss L:"I was this little".....she said, as she scrouched down into the squatting fetal position.

Me: Yes, you were my baby...and still are, but now we have Mr. B too.

Miss L: "Where did we get him?"

Me: hummmm, lets see. Where did we get him? Good question.(thinking to self, "these are really hard questions coming from a 4 year old) Well, mommy and daddy decided that we needed him in our family.

Miss L:"I came out of your belly. Whose belly did Mr. B come out of?"

Me: Mr. B came out of my belly too.

Miss L: "No! He shouldn't come out of YOUR belly. He's a boy.....he should have come out of daddy's belly. "

Me: You know, good point. I had never thought of it like that. Makes sense to me. I wonder what was up with that.

**I saved a bird today. Single handedly. Me. Myself. well, and I too.

I was sitting at my desk when a sound like someone trying to get in the front door made me look up. I was surprised to see a good sized bird lying down, shaking its head, obviously just trying to fly through the front door. I watched for awhile as it shook its head and got up. It took a few steps then fell over onto its back and started flapping its wings to fly.......all while lying down.

I couldn't watch the suffering anymore. Arming myself with a pen, I went outside and bent down to inspect the birds respiratory rate.

It WAS breathing.

I then made the critical decision to turn it onto its stomach with the assistance of the pen. I had did all that I could it was up to the bird.

It. Did. Not. Disappoint.

All of this work and I still didn't get anything for secretaries day......

** Am I the only one that is disgusted with the Bratz dolls. Someone got Miss L one for her birthday and I wanted to jerk it out of her little hands and go burn it. Immediately.

There is something severly wrong with dolls that are dressed like tramps, with make up on and excess jewelry.

I am one of those freak mothers that still wants to dress my child in innocent looking sundresses, hair in pigtails with bows and clean white sandals....... Apparently I am SOOOOO not cool.

**Today while leaving the local supercenter, I noticed an Escalade with its door open. Upon taking note of the nice woodgrain trim in the interior, I began thinking:

"Why is it that when you see plastic woodgrain trim in a vehicle you, thats a nice rig..." yet you would never leave someones house after checking out their plastic "wood" furniture and think......"They must be rich....all of that faux wood! WOW"

** Last night I had my kids in the bathtub. Both at the same time. We do this frequently. BUT, that may have to stop.

As the kids were playing in the water and enjoying themselves, Mr. B gave Miss L a hug. Miss L hugged him back and said "your my best friend!" and then she pulled out of the hug and.....well,....grabbed his..... Ummm. YES. She did it! She grabbed his family jewels and pulled! Worse yet and yes, it can get worse, HE LOVED IT. He giggled and belly laughed the kind of laugh that makes you short of breath.

"Miss L!" I exclaimed, trying not to laugh myself, "WE DON"T TOUCH MR. B's pee-pee. No way, Jose. He doesn't touch yours, you don't touch his."

Geez! My kids will be in counseling before they start school and shortly after DFS comes and hauls me away.


The Sour Kraut said...

I don't know about your kids, but as soon as I tell my boys not to do something, they catalog it as something to do ALL THE TIME.

jen said...

you know, i think that is a good idea. boy babies should come out of the daddies.

who should we call to get that ball in motion?