Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Big weekend.........

This weekend was a big weekend for Miss L.



In fact, this weekend ranked right up there with getting her pony. And that is BIG! Because, our Miss L, is a self-proclaimed cowgirl, and everyone knows that a cowgirl HAS to have a horse.

However, this weekend was almost as big as it gets for a little girl. That’s right. This weekend was Miss L’s birthday. Her 4th one to be exact.

She had talked about this weekend for over a month. Each time the conversation was pulled in the direction of the party, it was obvious that she needed, and wanted, reassurance that indeed, it was going to happen.

Last Wednesday, as we were in the home stretch she asked me, “Momma, I will go to sleep, get up, stay home with you, go to sleep, get up and go to Miss Jen’s, go to sleep and THEN GO TO CHUCK E CHEESE? Right, momma, right? Right? And then the next day I have ANOTHER party? Right?”

Being the nice people that we are we decided that we would have two parties, one at Chuck E’s and one at home. Although we can’t think of anything that we would rather do than go to Chuck E’s, except for maybe sticking a dagger in my eye, we recognize that the grandparents and great-aunts and uncles and cousins might want to side step the “cheesy” fun and head straight for the cake

To say that she was excited would be a grotesque understatement. By the way that she was acting you would think that she was kept in the basement 364 days a year, only to be let out once a year to celebrate her birthday. Oh, our poor pitiful children.

When Saturday came, it was anything but a spring day. The temperature was below freezing and snow and ice was falling out of the sky. But being super charged with energy because we apparently relinquish our parental duties the other 364 days a year, we forged ahead.

Of course, Chuck E. was a hit.

On the way home, we had a little surprise for Miss L. She had asked for a kitten (an outside kitten) for her birthday. Someone had informed us of a family that had kittens that would be ready to find new homes on the 30th and even though she wouldn't be immediately able to take it home, we were going to take her to pick one out.

We had soooo much fun that day that we had to go home and take naps in order to revamp for Day 2 of the birthday party weekend. Whoo-Hoo!

I think that Miss L was more excited about everyone showing up to, in essence, celebrate her, than she was about the presents. Every time someone else arrived the bliss escalated even higher.

But don’t get me wrong. It is not to be said that she wasn’t excited about presents, because, well…….that would be untrue. After about an hour of chit chat, Miss L, decided that it was time to get down to business. It was, officially, present time!

She opened every gift, down to the last one, with the same level of excitement. She could barely tear the gifts open fast enough. Each present-whether it was something needed, like clothing or something wanted, like crowns, make-up and jewelry -was welcomed with an abundant amount of enthusiasm and I am proud to say, appreciation. She handed out genuine “Thank you’s” freely.

After supper and cake and ice cream, I could tell that the past two days had caught up with Miss L. She was winding down, her eyelids getting heavy, and her steps growing slower. People started to gradually leave.

After everyone left we got ready for bed. Miss L climbed onto my bed while I was still finishing up for the day.

I could tell she was thinking and it was something profound, to be sure.



I CAN be a princess……………….

AND a cowgirl??????

Why, yes, you can! You, Miss L, can be anything you want to be and anything that you set your mind to. Always know, that no matter what road you decide to take, or direction you may go, your daddy and I love you beyond words. Happy Birthday, princess cowgirl.


The Sour Kraut said...

Of all the blogs I've read this morning, most being about the campus shootings, this is the one that brought tears to my eyes.

It is so sweet.

Happy birthday, Miss L. Enjoy being 4.

Anonymous said...

Miss L is more beautiful each time I see her. Great post about her special day.

-Becca Boodle

Anonymous said...

Just wait to you see the present I got her, and now it isn't living so don't worry about that. Your kids are getting so big, I don't relaize it until I see them in pictures, wow I feel old.

The Lizard Tamer (Who still hasn't figured out her passwords_

Anonymous said...

I also shouldn't publish blogs when I clearly have had to much to drink and can't spell.

The Lizard Tamer (who has found that alchol doesn't jog you memory when it comes to passwords)