Thursday, February 18, 2010

What can't you have?

A couple of nights ago I took B to urgent care. Nothing big. Everything turned out fine.

However, while sitting there I thought about the last time we were at the doctors office and it made me smile.

Odd, huh? Smiling in a doctors office?

You see, B still has a tube left in one of his ears. The other has already fallen out.

They have been great...

However, in November, B started having drainage from the ear with the tube. Thick, oozy, waxy drainage.

When it was apparent that something was indeed amiss, I decided to take him on in to the doctor.

This was at the height of the swine flu scare and I really wanted to be anywhere other than the doctors office. I had decided against getting my children vaccinated for it, but I wasn't exactly wanting to just throw caution to the wind either.

All the way to the clinic I schooled B on the importance of not touching ANYTHING. He was to sit in my lap, not touch anything, read the books WE brought, not touch anything, and sanitize our hands repeatedly. Did I mention that we weren't supposed to touch anything?

Anyway, he did great. After we had finished our first book we were called back to the exam room. Again, I told him not to touch anything.

He didn't.

The doctor came in and examined him, noted that he did indeed have an ear infection and we started talking about the fact that the tubes had been in almost a year longer than preferred.

After we had come to the conclusion to leave them in a bit longer, I turned to B to get him and get ready to leave.

What I found was this:

My child, my FOUR YEAR OLD child, had turned around on the exam table, got up on his knees, craned his neck and STUCK OUT HIS TOUNGE and touched the tip of it to the baby mobile that was mounted to the wall.

I am not kidding.

I have no idea what in the world he was doing or why.....


The more I thought about it, the more I realized that he felt like me on this diet.

Yep. I have done so well.....I haven't touched anything.

But soon...and very soon, I have the feeling that my tounge is going to want to stick out and touch something that it shouldn't.

I mean, come on, isn't that human nature?

To want what you aren't supposed to have?

Even if it is just a taste of a germ infested baby mobile.


The Next Phase said...

Funny story! Just more proof that you shouldn't completely deprive yourself...splurge once in a while. :)

Marlana said...

At least next time you'll know to be more specific about what not to touch all these things with. :) That just cracks me up. Kind of like Shelly's niece taking her mom a watercolor painting made with toilet water. :) I love funny kid stories!