Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Let me break the news....

If you need connections I am your girl!

Truthfully, I have no connections.


But, yesterday, in a stars aligned "just right" sort of way, I was able to hand some exciting news to a friend. I still feel kinda bad about it. It should have been more dramatic. More of a shout instead of a whisper.

Granted. I thought I was congratulating her. Come to find out I was doing something much more.

You see, yesterday, as I was in my bathroom trying to do something with my UNRULY hair, my cell phone rang.

As C. W. McCall's "Convoy" started playing I knew that most likely it was Dale. Probably work related I thought.

"Talk to me...." I said.

He started dropping names and saying things like "is that who you know?" and "is that the family?". It was early. I DID NOT have my game on. I had absolutely NO IDEA what he was talking about.

And I told him so.

Since I work in a funeral home, I couldn't help but think that someone had died and he was trying to find the connection.

So he started again, this time slower.

After a few minutes I realized that he was referring to a conversation that we had a few weeks before. It was in this conversation that I told him about my friend, Marlana, and about how her brother, and his family, had been nominated for an Extreme Home Makeover that was to take place in our area.

Yeah, the Extreme Home Makeover.

Yesterday, unbeknownst to me, was the day that the chosen family was revealed. Actually, I knew it at one time.....but my mind can only hold so much information and I had completely forgotten.

As all this came together and I understood where he was going with the conversation I started listening with a greater intensity.

"Dad got a text message from channel 33. They said that (so and so) were picked for the makeover."

Although I am not familiar with Marlana's family and I was not aware of their first names, I did know that the last name mentioned, was indeed, Marlana's maiden name. I confirmed that it must be her brother's family, he said that he would forward the text and I hung up to call Marlana and offer her congratulations....and then proceed to pout about why she hadn't let me know.

I called. She answered.

"Soooo.....what are you doing?" I prompted.

Too casually, she replied, "nothing."

So I forged ahead, "Was it not your brother who won?"

Come to find out the whole family had been calling her brother, checking the websites of the TV station and builder to no avail.

Bottom line, THEY DIDN'T KNOW! And now, thanks to me, they did. She was excited and asked for me to forward the text so that she could let her mom know. I was lit up by their excitement.

Still, somehow, I felt that I had burst some bubble that wasn't supposed to be burst by me. This was the climax to months of build up and it came in the form of a question instead of a statement. A question by me which should have been a statement. An excited statement by someone cool. Someone with authority.

Someone like Ty Pennington.

OK. So maybe Ty wouldn't have actually called them to tell them. But still.

Apparently when they got down to figuring out the times. I had actually told them prior to the family being called outside by a megaphone. Thankfully, nobody broke the news to her brothers' family and they were still surprised. Apparently, unlike Marlana, they don't have dorks for friends.

So anyway, maybe Marlana will posts pics and keep us updated. No pressure, Marlana. I am sure that for the next seven days you have nothing else to do. Maybe we can grab some good ones tomorrow. (hint, hint)

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~*Michelle*~ said...

How cool is that?!?!

Somehow I am picturing you in a hard hat and a tool belt....with a megaphone saying:

"Good Morning {insert Marlana's brother's last name} Family!!!!!!!!!"