Monday, July 20, 2009

Just an idea......

After participating, if that is what you can call what I did, in the volunteer aspect of the Extreme Home Makeover experience, I have been thinking about an Extreme Home Makeover that I participated in more directly in.

Extreme Home Makeover: Trailer House Edition.

That's right. The extreme makeover of our very first home. An $800 trailer.

It was a beauty:

My mom cried when she saw it.

My dad, the same one that I milked cows for, said that "he didn't think Kim (that would be me) could live in it".

My uncle said that we should chalk it up as an $800 lesson learned, scrap it and start over.

Folks, it was that nice. try and find pics.


Anonymous said...

Oh come on...that was the worst post ever. Talk about getting me all excited for a let down. BLAH!

~Sharn Jean

Mama Goose said...

Hurry. I need visuals. :)