Monday, April 06, 2009

What a weekend!

Friday night we started off the weekend with a cheer! That is right, Miss L was in cheerleading camp this week. It was really cute to see what they had learned in three days. Of course, cheerleading was just secondary to having the opportunity to hang with her friends...


Saturday morning Miss L and I woke up early and headed to a MS walk to walk on my aunt's team. Miss L was really worried about making it 3 miles. She did great! She walked the entire way!

Her mother, however, was busy reading all the signs that were set up throughout the beginning of the walk detailing the symptoms.....and being concerned that I had experienced every one except for "problems with gait". (On the upside, that is a good one, not to have experienced.)

After the race we hopped in the car and rushed back home and met Mr. B for the annual Easter egg hunt.

The kids were ready!

Miss L got in the group of 4 and 5 year old's only to be disappointed that everyone from her class at school was in the 6-7 year old group. I told her that since her birthday was less than two weeks away, she could go hunt with the 6 and 7 year old's. She initially resisted. I think that she was worried that the "egg hunt police" would come and cart her away for some age violation. Eventually she gave in and went to stand in line and wait with her friends.

Mr. B was in the 1-3 year old group and had the definite age advantage this time:

Mr B got some coaching on strategy by Aunt Sissy:

All and all, I think we ended up with a five gallon bucket's worth of tootsie rolls and about $4.50. Not too bad.


That evening we met up with my family again for part 1 of the birthday party fun. You see, Saturday was my grandpa's 90th birthday. And really, how often do you turn 90?


We all decided, in true family fashion, the best way to celebrate was to eat.

Miss L enjoyed the buffet.

Mr. B enjoyed showing us his muscles. (As you can tell, he was straining to make those big much so that the picture blurred.)

Then they brought my grandpa out a birthday cinnamon roll. It was almost enough to make me wish that I was 90.

Then on Sunday we all gathered and went to church with Grandpa. (When you are 90, or my sister, you get a birthday weekend!)

That afternoon we had a birthday celebration where he was showered with cards. He loved the attention and company.

The kids enjoyed a photo op with Great-Pa:

After reining them in for a second and capturing this photo they were off again playing in the church's gym. My cousin, Bethany, was playing basketball with them. She hollered at Mr. B, "Pass it B, I am open, I'm open", to which he hollered back, "I'm closed, I'm closed!"


As the party was winding down, we rounded everyone up for a picture. Everyone but one uncle and two cousins were present. Of course, my kids, fresh off the basketball court, were right in front. You know, right by the focal point. Where everyone can see Mr. B's britches legs tucked into his boots (his dad is proud) and Miss L, all sweaty from the full court press.

Of course, I am sure that Grandpa couldn't care less if we came in our jammies. I wonder if he looks around and sees his kids, grandkids and great-grandkids and thinks about the lives he has helped both create and shape?

Although some of the family didn't live close by, there is a definite print, or impression, that has been left on all of us.

It may have been in the impression his love for my grandma left on us, it may have been for his kind heart in dealing with customers he had-I am sure there were times that he filled a many a farmers gas tank, knowing full well that he may not ever be paid-, it may be for the tenacity he had when driving himself around town to the different meeting places he had, to sit with friends and talk about the day and the times.

Although not everyone has sugar coated Hallmark memories of special holidays or of playing catch out in the backyard.....we all have memories. And they are good. And they have, whether we recognize it or not, have shaped us into the people we are today. Even as different as we are, we have a common history and heritage.

And like a potter shaping his clay, not every piece is alike. Some are strikingly different. But each one is shaped by the same person.

And just like God, the ultimate potter, looking back on his creation, I am sure Grandpa looks at us and this day, and saw "that it was good".

Happy 90th Grandpa!


The Sour Kraut said...

What a great post. You have a way with words. (I'm disappointed I couldn't enlarge the family photo to take a good long look at everyone.)

I'm laughing at Miss L not wanting to go to the upper age group. Our older son thinks it's bad when I, year after year, go to a school function on the day assigned for families with names starting with L-Z because I know more people there. I'm livin' on the edge!

Anonymous said...

I love how you tied in the Sunday Sermon.

~Sharn Jean

Marlana said...

You are one busy girl! What great memories you made this weekend and all of them revolved around family. :)