Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No Girls Allowed

For those of you who were concerned that maybe I was leaving out my little man, Mr. B, while taking Miss L to her first concert, I will ease your fears when I tell you that he was off enjoying the weekend with his daddy. I was informed on a couple occasions that "no girls were allowed."

Steven was invited to participate in a wagon train of sorts. It actually consisted of nine wagons/horses and buggy's. They met up at a semi-local church that was approximately five or six miles from our house and from there they rode together for awhile. Along the way they stopped to grill hamburgers and eat while enjoying each others company.

The remainder of their time was also spent doing "boy stuff". They hauled rocks in the loader bucket of the tractor, burned brush piles and ate "junk food".

If the amount of dirt covering my child when I arrived home on Sunday was any indication, I know that the boys enjoyed their weekend as much as we, the girls, enjoyed ours.


Marlana said...

Awww, that picture is too sweet! I love pictures from behind. They are so natural and always so cute.

The Next Phase said...

What a special weekend for the two of them. Boys need a strong male bond just as much girls need a bond with a mother figure. I'm sure they have some great secrets, now. :)