Monday, April 20, 2009

Voo Doo

Last night I slept for the whole night. It was great!

I haven't done this in weeks.

Between muscle spasms, numbness, tingling and muscle pain, I have been up more nights lately than I have been asleep.

Trust me, this isn't where my body wants to be! I am a "to be by 9:30 girl"....

This week we have been busy with all the "Birthday hoop-la".

Wednesday was Miss L's birthday.... and we celebrated by sending cupcakes to school, I took her lunch and surprised her with balloons from her aunt sissy and then her mi mi picked her up early and took her shopping.

Then, that evening we all met up at the house and ate Miss L's choice for dinner.....corn dogs, macaroni and cheese, green beans and iced tea. (First time I had ever fixed corn dogs......what an experience!)

Of course, that couldn't be all the celebrating....

Friday evening we were joined by the rest of our family: great aunts and uncles, great grandma and great grandpa, cousins, and friends that were close enough to be family...

Of course, that couldn't be all of the celebrating....

Saturday afternoon we had a birthday party at a local place where they teach gymnastics. The kids ran and jumped, and swung and flipped to their little hearts desires. All while the adults just enjoyed each others company. It was really nice.......

And that...was all of the celebrating.

Due to the weather, we spent the remainder of the weekend laying on the couch trying to pretend that we hadn't eaten our weights worth of icing.

And by we, I mean me.


As a child I remember having family parties and then a friend party.

Also, my mother has anxiety... A lot of it.

Is this why we both have anxiety?

Is this the correlation between my mother's anxiety and my aforementioned muscle spasms, numbness, tingling and muscle pain? Maybe. The Birthday Party caper? Of course, I am joking. I don't really think that is the case.

What is strange is that I honestly don't feel anxious. And by feel I mean, mentally. My muscles let me know that I most certainly do feel. Pain, mostly.

It is strange that in April the last two years, I have had neurological issues. Enough at times to send me to the doctor. Every time....they say stress/anxiety. I also remember a time before I was married that I had an anxiety too was in the Lenten season.

So, this April correlation.....I wonder what prompts it? The Easter Bunny? Abstaining from meat on Fridays? Some buried traumatic experience?

I wish I knew. It is enough to continually wreak havoc on my body but leave my mind unscathed, except for the constant wondering about "what is going on with my body?"


Last night....the sleep finally found me and it was luxurious! The kids and I even had time to kill before rushing out of the house to catch the bus.

Or so we thought!

Instead of at the bus stop, we met the bus in the middle of the road this morning and Miss L jumped on.

And then my fingers were numb for the rest of the trip to town.

I give up!

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The Next Phase said...

Wow! This is very interesting. I had become convinced the muscle spasms and such weren't anxiety but now I might be swinging back the other way. You and your body really intrigue me. LOL