Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Much ado about nothing....spring break style

A few weeks ago Miss L and Mr B and I enjoyed spring break. (Actually, I just spelled "break" as "bread" and had to correct it. That is particularly funny to me because I have evidentally been partaking the aforementioned bread in mass quantities which is why you will not see any pics of me in this post. Double chin, party of one. Ahem....)

One afternoon we went to the circus with my cousin and her kids. Steven did not go because of his animal cruelty stance. I am with him on it.....yet come on, it's the circus.

However, when this horribly dressed yay-hoo made.....

.....this tiger walk on a tight rope, I really wouldn't have blamed the tiger had he mauled him. In fact, I might even root for the tiger. I am just saying.....

I love animals but was surprised about how impressed I was with the human talent showcased.

HOW do these people realize they have these talents? Do they just sit around and one day decide to put a rope around someone's neck, hold the rope in their mouth, hang upside down from a trapeze and swing back and forth?

Contortionists, balancing acts, you name it...... They were all very impressive. Oh yeah, and the trapeze artist with jaws of steel.

I especially could not believe the flexibility of this lady. She is balancing on some faux flower arrangement....on her chin. (All while rotating rings on her arms....with her rear end basically sitting on her head)
I think every man in the house was in love. I was glad Steven wasn't there to see this. I didn't want him getting any ideas.......(as if...)

Afterwards we clowned around at McDonald's:

When we got home the kids found that daddy had came home early to enjoy the rest of the day with them.

After a (somewhat) failed attempt at kite flying earlier in the week, we decided to give it another go.

By failed, I mean that there was no wind..... the kids just ran around the field trying to keep the kite up in the air. We were all wore out after that. However, my mind replaying Miss L saying, "Run like the wind, Mr. B, run like the wind", kept me laughing for days after.

This time we were much more successful. Maybe daddy was a good luck charm.

See the kites? In the air? No running required. Amazing!

What would be the opposite of having to run to keep your kite up?

That's right.....flying your kite while sitting down.

Miss L took the more conventional approach to kite flying.....

Mr. B enjoyed his kite flying experience. However, Miss L, being one to up the ante decided that next time she would like to try hang gliding.

She is so much like her father!

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The Sour Kraut said...

Looks like fun. Maybe all that 'running like the wind' tired out Mr. B so he needed to sit.

Cute pictures.